Elite Dangerous: Updates to Powerplay In Update 7


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Greetings Commanders.

This may come as a slightly sudden but hopefully not too unhelpful a shock to you all, but coming along with the next updates for Elite Dangerous Odyssey and Horizons this week, we will be making a small number of tweaks to Powerplay.

Here's an outline below of what you can expect:

Changes To Powerplay
  • The process where control of a starsystem is lost by revolt now correctly accounts for income already provided to competing control systems.
  • Income values will be updated for many control systems so that they are the sum of their own income PLUS all the systems they currently exploit.
    • Income from the week is expected to change.

Why The Changes?

As several Commanders reported via the issue tracker (specifically https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/23052), when some control systems were lost to revolt, Powerplay didn't always correctly account for CC income changes to nearby control systems with overlapping spheres.

In particular, when the same Power had more than one control system claiming a given exploit system during revolt, Powerplay sometimes added that income again to the remaining control system, even if its income value already accounted for that exploit system.

Over time, this resulted in some powers having a higher CC income than the sum of their control and exploit systems.

Update 7 and the Horizons update fixes this logic, and also adjusts the galaxy's income values for the affected control systems, as described in this table:

Control SystemPowerCC income pre-update7CC income after update7Change in income
AshtartEdmund Mahon3931-8
BinjamingiFelicia Winters10482-22
FousangFelicia Winters7054-16
ErivitFelicia Winters5951-8
MexicateseFelicia Winters6458-6
KanatiFelicia Winters10396-7
LP 906-9Felicia Winters9482-12
54 G. AntliaFelicia Winters4537-8
MatipuFelicia Winters4735-12
ComaDenton Patreus10083-17
DhenebPranav Antal134108-26
MandiiArchon Delaine3628-8
ClayakarmaYuri Grom189179-10

Certainly appreciate that this may be coming in a little hot ahead of the forthcoming updates this week, as I say, but we really hope this helps!

Really excited to share the full update notes finalised for you and welcome in Update 7 for Odyssey, along with the Quality Of Life update for Horizons on all platforms very soon!

o7 Commanders.
Is Powerplay still large scale PvP that can be played in Solo? Because that's the only change I care about Powerplay. Fighting against people with way too much free time and with no way to stop them unless you have the same amount of free time has never been fun, and I cannot understand what the Elite design team is thinking.
I am thinking of getting into PowerPlay after 5 yrs of being a CMDR and this couldn't have come at a better time. Awesome work.
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