Elite Dangerous YouTube 3D Animated Mini Series

Hi, I want to create an Elite Dangerous mini Series for YouTube, I'm huge Fan of the Game and want to create an animated series; I would like it to be in the Elite universe. I will be creating my assets from reference images (If that's ok), the sound and score will also be made by me; as I do music production as a hobby. Obviously, this will only happen with permission and I would like to know if my idea is allowed or who I need to ask for permission.

Any help would be Appreciated.
That is looking really good! I too use blender and fusion 360. That station you are working on, I have spent a fair amount of time just flying around to get my head around what the inside may look like. The large city buildings gave me a ton of idea for the interior I have a trailer coming out soon for the Pilot episode I will post it here once I am done.

But what you are doing is looking fabulous!
Just an update, I've started writing the script and paused modeling until I've written the first episode. When I start modeling again, I'll upload images regularly to show you my progress; but in the meantime, I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the project. O7 Commanders!
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3D modeling has now started again, and this is my progress so far


The dodecahedron under the detail objects will be a lot smaller and less visible In the finished model because there is a ton of detail still to do.
I Hope you like what you're seeing so far; Please feel free to leave any feedback!
O7 Commanders!
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