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Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps

Visit our website and forums: elitediplomats.com
Discord server: discord.me/aedc

Who we are

We are the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, a collection of Elite: Dangerous players who have found a calling in supporting the Alliance in any way we can. Our members span the globe and our TeamSpeak server is usually full of these players. The atmosphere is casual and light-hearted. Our players are mature and we work well together even though we come from different countries, nationalities and even religions.

Our main focus is supporting Alliance factions in the Milky Way galaxy by promoting them to ruling status of systems. Our members have been instrumental in welcoming hundreds of systems into the Alliance through this process. We support them through all of the available methods, missions, bounty hunting, civil and system wars, selling exploration data and even trade.

Over the course of our time together our members have developed tools that help us note and track influence changes in systems and we have a separate tool that we use to organize operations to accomplish our goals.

As staunch supporters of the Alliance, we don't enforce any particular kind of playstyle for our members with the exception that we do not condone piracy or unprovoked aggressive actions toward other players, Alliance or not. We recognize your right to play the way you want to play. If that happens to be supporting what we want to accomplish then we welcome your efforts.

So if you are looking for mature and well-rounded players working to accomplish good things for the Alliance in Elite: Dangerous, please join us! Our TeamSpeak server is noted on our website and there is usually someone that can welcome you!

As always, fly safe. For the Alliance!


What We Do

Now that you know a bit about who we are, I'd like to detail more about what we do.

As stated before, we focus on supporting Alliance minor factions to the point where they control the system. This involves a lot of playing with what is known as the Background Simulation. There are many ways to affect the simulation to raise or lower minor faction influence in a system. We involve ourselves in every aspect of the game to achieve our goals. Now for some examples:

Civil wars are part of the process of a minor faction gaining control of a station or outpost. For several releases, our testing showed combat bonds from conflict zones had no effect on influence for the faction we were supporting. With the release of 1.5/2.0, our testing shows that these now affect influence again. So we post operations in one of our internal tools for our pilots to track the amount of bonds turned in. Once our goal is reached we know that the war will be won (due to influence gains) and we can move on to other operations. Speaking of conflict zones ...

In other cases, we post operations to run missions for specific factions to raise the preferred faction or even to reduce a faction's influence if they seem to be rising too fast. Pilots input the number of missions completed for the preferred faction. Again, once the operational goal is met, the operation is closed and pilots can move on to other operations or continue to pursue each individual's own goals.

Thanks to the hard work of our pilots not only completing our operations, but also to those that meticulously test the mechanics of the Background Simulation we have been able to raise Alliance factions to ruling status of upwards of 100 systems in civilized space. In fact, sometimes our operations are noticed and broadcast on GalNet.
As always, fly safe. For the Alliance!

Summary about The Independent Alliance of Systems

The Independent Alliance of Systems arose out of a need for cooperation. Centuries of warfare and both Imperial and Federal meddling in a great many otherwise peaceful independent systems caused various small alliances to form and then get broken up over the centuries.

The Alliance formed from a number of culturally different systems with a unified goal – to provide a stronger voice in the galaxy for its member systems and ultimately to defend them against unwelcome attention from the big powers. The Independent Alliance is culturally very varied and leadership of the Alliance (the presidency moves between member systems annually) has been described as ‘challenging’. Seeking agreement between the member systems is generally a tortuous process, usually ending up with a great deal of compromise.

Militarily, cooperation has been more successful. Each member system contributes a portion of its navy to the Alliance Defence Force – the total contribution proportional to its GDP. It is led by the six-strong Council of Admirals (one from each of the largest member navies), but they can act swiftly without government approval, which has proved very effective, and over the years there has been little disagreement between the admirals.
Contributed vessels generally bear the decals of their own navy, but have an additional Alliance Defence Force decal applied while they are with the group – so the culture of identity and independence (and rivalries) applies here too.

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Press note

When asked about the recent uprising in Sorbago one officer from the AEDC (Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps) commented: "That's what you get for not being a member of the Alliance, your revolution getting crushed, and back to slavery with vengeance." Small revolutions without the support of other independent nations will be crushed, and attempts to liberate the population from the oppression of major blocks will fail.

Kappa Fornacis
When asked about the situation in Kappa Fornacis this same officer said: "Unfortunately the Alliance would like to help, but it cannot extent help there due to logistical reasons and the lack of Alliance presence in the region. It does not help either that the government of Kappa Fornacis has not asked for help. As long as those isolated systems keep going on their own this is what they will face, bullying from the Federation or the Empire".

About AEDC
AEDC is a small undeground organisation of Alliance loyalists operating under the umbrella of factions and systems affiliated with the Alliance, to expand their influence in the galaxy and free every system from the two major blocks tyranny. It's not unusual of this organisation to carry out covert op missions operating 'out of the law' in some systems, something that Alliance could not do openly without facing major confrontation, but always to opposse shady operations from the other major blocks.
Good initiative, way too much attention to the Feds and Empire.

I am now taking a break from piloting for Christmas, but when I'm back I will join the AEDC. I'm already around alliance space (I think I logged out at Perga City).

See you around, fly safe!
Count me in. I see that the Alliance allows for communist systems, so I will work to support those. Very soon all members of the Alliance will understand that communism allows for even more freedom and provide greater power for peoples following it :)
Count me in. I see that the Alliance allows for communist systems, so I will work to support those. Very soon all members of the Alliance will understand that communism allows for even more freedom and provide greater power for peoples following it :)

Welcome! Let us all benefit and prosper as equal members of the Alliance! And while we have our share of differences among ourselves - it was never been our weakness, but our advantage. Today we stand together against oppression of the corrupt Federation and bloodthirsty Empire!
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This sounds promising: Having started in a Federation area I had by default plumped for them, but by the time I get round to ranking up with anyone FD may have more 'plot' for the Alliance. Being a corporate lackey isn't very inspiring; being a fat-headed pompous aristocratic bully even less so.

Good luck with the corps. I'll look you guys up after the holidays, when I can get back to my PC...
Greetings commanders!

As I already stated in a relevant thread I will be joining your efforts in the area.

Happy hunting.

CMDR Scott Scale.
Saw this cross-posted in one of the other forum threads, I think I'll be coming out to join you guys once I've hammered some more range out of my FSD or even managed to upgrade my Sidewinder (or decided to rely on my Freagle)
Count me in.

Although I'm a peace loving Anarcho-Capitalist and don't really believe in governments, I cannot stomach the Empire or Feds, so I will gladly team up and work with people to free the universe from oppression and slavery. Should also make things more fun with objectives other than "get biggest ship possible"..
its a bit presumptuous to call yourself diplomats without having gotten such status by the alliance, isn't it?

Nah, it's OK. We are the Alliance after all. No unified ranks and no bureaucratic red-tapery allow us to operate efficiently. Something that lies beyond understanding of thick-minded Empire and Federation. We don't need a badge from some self-imposed "official" to govern ourselves as we see fit. We are up to the task, we are efficient and that's all that matters to be acknowledged by the council in the Alliance space.
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