[ALLIANCE] Elite Diplomatic Corps - Open for business

Not a very big one, but there are diplomats on PS4. A lot of our working together is essentially cross-platform, though, as contributions to the BGS can be made on any platform. As long as you have a way to run Discord somewhere you will be part of the vast majority of group activities.
"You can calculate the worth of a man by the number of his enemies." - Gustave Flaubert

We actually have quite a few of these. The interesting point though, is that AEDC keeps it's word. We keep our word, and keep our treaties.
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Talking about treaties... we did one with IGER. They get Ethwain and they stop attacking Alliance factions and systems. Time will tell whether this was a good idea.
At the moment we are still in a major BGS conflict against an alliance of groups that have supported the takeover of Lave.
The trenches are dug, the activity is constant. Diplomatic contacts do exist. The positions have been communicated and so far are being evaluated by the involved parties. An end to the conflict does not appear to be close.

If you want to join, you are welcome. If you join us, be prepared that you will be judged by what others claim, not by what you do.
If someone needs Lavian Brandy during lockdown of Lave, please contact us on our Discord and see whether we can help.

On Paper?!

The last time I was given something on paper was my wedding certificate.
Serious business.

Report in CMDRs.

[EDIT] - Whew! What a weekend! I'll try to have some video soon.
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As one of the biggest BGS groups in the Alliance, come join the one super power that has grown since 3300, and is still not shrinking, despite the onslaught of the Independents.

Alliance 万歳
Just returned after a 8 month hiatus, and am wondering where everyone calls home. I'm presently in Shinrarta. But it seems so far from Shinrarta to most of the missions that one can perform in assiting the AEDC that I really need to choose a new home, more centrally located.
The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps squadron(s) are available on all platforms. We do however still continue with our existing recruitment and induction process. Squadron applications, therefore, will only be accepted from known members. Should you wish to join us, please visit http://elitediplomats.com , sign up on the forums, and join us on Discord
Thanks all diplomats and guests for a great 4th anniversary birthday party today of SRV shenanigans with a survival race, an endurance race and geyser jumping. Onto a great 5th!
A happy, healthy and peaceful new year to all ED players!
Holidays are over, and AEDC is currently mainly testing the BGS and playing the new features.

Regarding the Leaderboards we are in a decent position on the political (Top 10) and the Exploration (Top 20) board.
We do not intend to actively compete in the Leaderboards (as in "do the grind" and "optimize leaderboard point generation"), we just do our stuff and see where we end up.
Since the BGS is broken for most of our factions at the moment, we either do tests, exploration, mining or just goofing around.

If you want to join a fun and grown-up international squadron with players from all timezones, come and join us!
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The BGS has become unstuck and we are - again - enjoying the full bandwidth of what ED has to offer. Wars, Elections, Bounty hunting (we need to ensure security in our systems), Trading (now with 4k+ trade routes in faction only stations), Exploration (about 1 billion Cr. Worth of mappable planets in our exploration playground)...

Lots and lots of stuff to do, and so little time!

Come join us and help, there is always something to do for the Alliance!
Looking for something deeper?

Once you're across the basics, - the BGS is a peculiar (and very deep) Rabbit Hole.
The AEDC run interesting BGS projects for Alliance minor factions.

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