[ALLIANCE] Elite Diplomatic Corps - Open for business

We Survived The Forum Move!
Super Happy About That!

Given that a LOT has happened over the years. I've going to add a few of the highlights to this thread.

Here's Obsidian Ant from our Early Days:

And here's some of the AEDC Officers discussing the early days of the AEDC:
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Please can you guys stop pushing the future of Udegoci in the kulingga system please, this is my factions home system , I can’t believe that you don’t know that there is a player faction there and that is is their home system. If you do and don’t care then that is pretty low. It’s not an alliance system so why bother.
Hi Badspacewizard - we are not pushing FoU anywhere at the moment, as we are way too busy in our core area. If there is activity in FoU space, it is not us.
We have representatives of a few of the factions in that neighborhood in our Foreign Relations room. I sent you a link in a DM.
Elite Dangerous History is kinda my thing.
I saw this today in the discord.
It dates from he time BEFORE the DBX was introduced, like 3301. The Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps hosted a Community Goal to bring the DBX into the game. At the time all we had to go on was some LAKON concept art. But everyone hauled metals and other commodities and achieved the Top Tier of the CG.
During the trade component of the Community Goal, the only high tech high value commodity was Water Purifiers. So part of the 'Old Lore' of the AEDC is that we manufacture "Purer Water TM" Water Purifiers.

The Purer Water TM aren't an anctual in-game Rare, but what is real is that you can buy a DBX at Hamilton Gateway in Wolf 406 at a whopping 20% discount.

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