[ALLIANCE] Elite Diplomatic Corps - Open for business

hello. old member here trying to get back into the game. My account for the AEDC boards don't seem to work anymore, can I get added back in or reinvited?
[CMDR D. Wiseman - log entry#00237 - Jan 8th 3307]

I was born and always lived in Imperial Space, in Jacquard Station in the Awa system. As far as I remember, I’ve been in love with her Highness Aisling Duval. Hollow-Posters of her, all over my room... awkward.
So naturally, from my first Sidewinder, I’ve been working for the Empire. Done the tiest jobs of the Milky-way: low value mining, imperial slave smuggling, you name it… and eating donuts, loads of donuts, in my cockipit sit.

Still, I eventually became one the famous “Aisling’s Angel”, flying a superb Imperial Courier. Still my favourite ship today.
Now I’m growing older and mature, realizing what the Empire really is. My new girlfriend (& fighter pilot) asked me to choose: her or Ailing Duval… Then I agreed to move into Alliance Space.
We heard on Galnet that the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps was looking for pilots, through the call of the famous Victoria Wolf. Maybe the opportunity for the fresh start we were hoping?
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The AEDC Most Valued Player award is in its 10th month and we've seen more CMDRs taking part than ever before :)

Another medal was presented to all those involved in our "Something Big" campaign which added a few Billion citizens to the Alliance.

And today, a great big cake was awarded to our head of strategic planning.

The good times roll :cool:
AEDC have given me purpose and meaning to a game that otherwise can become rather tiresome. As well as giving a purpose the people are also super friendly and have provided some of my favourite moments in gaming.
So you think you've seen and tried everything the galaxy has to offer? You've been out to Colonia, Sag A* and Beagle Point, you've mined painite in lucrative hotspots, broken deep cores apart for void opals and low temperature diamonds. You've ferried passengers from A to B and back again, evacuated families from stricken star ports, defended the bubble against encroaching thargoid threats. You've fought in wars, claimed your share of scalps in bounties, maybe dabbled with a bit of piracy yourself? You've traded rares across the inhabited systems, or maybe loaded up a type-9 with more than your fair share of slaves? Maybe you've done all this, and more and perhaps, like me, you've started to wonder where you go from here?

Or perhaps you are a new pilot, just finding your way in the galaxy and you are looking for something to give your personal narrative a little more meaning and thrust? A place to call home and a reason to get up and go out in your ship every day?

Well then look no further independant pilots! There are few initiatives more rewarding and fulfilling than supporting the Alliance and their causes, and in this commander's opinion, no better way to do it than with the AEDC! Join a friendly and inclusive group of like minded commanders to really make your mark on the galaxy. Wars, political intrigue, humanitarian causes, supporting democracy, helping to further agenda the pluckiest of the major factions, all this and more lies in wait for you commander, if you choose the exciting life of a diplomat, in the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps.

Don't hesitate, join today, you won't regret it.

I have been playing this game for years now, and I could not imagine flying with any other group than the AEDC! Even though I often have to go on hiatus for work, they always welcome me back with open arms. Most importantly, I am still amazed by everyone's dedication to the promotion of the Alliance!
AEDC gives you the freedom to choose from any of the operations they have available, whether it be exploration, combat, or trade, but work towards larger goals with huge results.
Fly free! For the Alliance!
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