[ALLIANCE] Elite Diplomatic Corps - Open for business

We've even found ourselves with a number of fiction writers recently, hard at work bringing our little corner of the bubble alive. As if ranks and medals weren't enough fun :cool:
I joined AEDC last week and I have to say that it was the right choice. I mostly play in open but alone. Doing missions, getting your Ranks up is fun enough but doing that with a purpose is way more funny.

Greetings and salutations Cmdrs, I am Cmdr Tiger-Rayne. I have many flight hours in Combat, trade, exploration. Elite in Trade, Elite in Exploration. I am for the most part a trader with some flight-combat (PVE). I have well over 48 ships, majority fully engineered. No FC yet.

I was once the leader of the now disfunct Squadron called Far Bound Initiative that is tied to Far Bound Enterprises (Faction) in the Pand system.

I've trained well over 300+ Cmdrs in various operations, from simple flight instructions, Material gathering, and the BGS.

I have been in hyper-sleep for a little over a year, I am looking to start flying again.

I'm open to the idea of enrollment into a Squadron.

07, Cmdrs.
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