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i remember my kids when first seeing saturn's rings, they were 3 & 5. couple weeks before they saw the real one through 3 different telescopes, the yellow dot, then the planet and the rings, then the planet, the rings, and titan.
made the same approach in Elite so they could see it again.
didnt want to film the moment, it would have broken something.

one of the best father / sons memories. Elite gave me plenty others since then. thanks OP to bring this video, my throat is all tight now.

edit : unsure that quoting Lrrr of Persei 8 is really the best move here. this should be a quiet thread. just enjoy.
I would rather watch that video of just one person thoroughly enjoying the game than 1000 videos and threads of cynical grumpy farts complaining bitterly about meaningless things like ADS, Arx and the colour of their cockpits.

To me, that video just shows that FD got it right, for all of its faults and problems, it is still a gorgeous game that can elicit emotions and unbridled joy.
Where's the Xeno-loving guy when you need him? Was it Relspi? That guy just put them feelings front and center.

Tentacles just don't get it done for me, I don't eat squid or octopodes!
It's strange we have to unlock a permit for a system and planet from which we all evolved and moved away in 3303.

Now you need a permit to visit the home system. Guess we are the aliens after-all.
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