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there is a big difference between saying "this person shows a lot of emotions on a stream" and "this persons fakes emotions to make more views" the second one hurts, especially when the said emotions are genuine.

my point being some people maybe are just jealous of others being more sensitive than the average, or that they do not feel ashamed of showing their emotions, which in the end, is just sad.

and i like to think it s just a jealous feeling based on "how can he/she feel that when i cannot" rather than pure "evil" trolling.

it's nice that some streamers just do it naturally. i m not much into youtube/twitch etc. last time i checked it was a lot about cleavage being readjusted every 2 minutes, didnt catch much of my attention. even if many streams are not worth watching, it does not mean all streams are bad. proof in OP's post. also. no cleavage in the video. just saying.
We didn't see the moderated posts, but they must have been pretty bad for the mods to have removed them. Thank you mods! 👍
I read those posts before they were moderated. Probably made in jest but beyond good taste and a couple were downright creepy, so moderating them was the right thing to do.

Fwiw, I pretty much share the views Florensus posted above.

Also generally speaking, I find this forum one of the best moderated and well mannered ones out there (I'm a regular on one other forum and the tone there would result in an instant permaban here).

I frankly don't see where anyone got attacked or harassed in this thread (beyond those moderated posts ofc) . At a stretch the only poster I thought posted in an unnecessarily personal manner was in defence of the OP.
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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