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Elite Encounters is the new role-playing game by David TW Hughes set in the universe of the video-game Elite: Dangerous. The book contains everything you'd expect of a roleplaying game, including original roleplay mechanics and details on the setting and the interaction between the mechanics and that setting.

The mechanics are set out in a way that will make the setup very familiar to those who've played the video game. A lot of work has gone into making the rpg a faithful adaptation of the game and allow players to immediately feel at home in understanding the mechanics of the rpg. A lot of work has gone into this and examples heard from play-tests suggest the system is satisfyingly complex. The game also has the ruleset for a satisfying ship-combat tactical game as you'd expect from an rpg set in a video game about flying spaceships. All the material is given from counters to rules to ship stats. This is a complete book.

The roleplaying game is almost secondary to what a lot of people will come to this book to get. For the first time, an indepth look at the background of the Elite: Dangerous universe is compiled mainly in the lore-heavy section 1, at over fifty pages of much-wanted and desired 'historical' material. Much of it known, a lot of it not, but never laid out to read in its entirety in the way this book does. A lot more lore information is spread out through the rest of the book along with short stories that further add to the setting.

I always try to balance my reviews, when deserved, and honestly there's little here I don't like. My only real criticism is the roleplaying mechanics might prove daunting at first glance.

What we have here is an old-style roleplaying tome that hearkens back to the golden age of roleplaying books from the nineties, thick, small-type books loaded with information. And that's where this book shines, finally a book has arrived that gives thousands of us that which we've been craving: a guide to the lore of our favourite game. Whether you use it to create your own adventures or simply submerge yourself into the wonderful science-fiction setting of Elite: Dangerous, this, for me, is a must-have book.

Disclaimer: I get nothing at all for this. Go buy. http://daftworks.co.uk/store
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Wow, that's an amazing review, thanks Jeff.

I'll also link directly to the Daftworks store so you can go straight to the page: daftworks.co.uk/store

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I'm just happy it's out there!
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