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Just wondering why when I reset my password, That its sent to me in plaintext over email. Does that mean that passwords are stored as plaintext in the database? I've used a single-use password for the website thankfully but very concerned for others.
Talking about EGO things.
I've noticed several entries on EGO lately listing an earth mass "below" 0.0000. I have a feeling there is some utility out there "tampering" with the data and enhancing numbers. Maybe this needs to be addressed? Maybe both by setting rules on what kind of numbers we can upload and also (yet another) petition to FDev to maybe have them adjust how values are presented to us? I mean, a 0.0000 earth mass planet or a 0.0000 solar radius black hole does always have a number, they're just rounded off to aggressively in the game.
Those enhancements aren't limited to the earth mass number, but also include more decimals on gravity and radius.

A 0.0000 earth mass planet listed on EGO as 0.000017 EM.
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I've noticed several entries on EGO lately listing an earth mass "below" 0.0000.
A 0.0000 earth mass planet listed on EGO as 0.000017 EM.
By "below", do you mean the digits further to the "right" than the ones shown on the System Map? I'll go with that assumption, because anything *actually* below 0 would be negative, which doesn't quite compute in this context (for me at least).

EGO shows the EM-data as detailed as possible, i.e. all 6 decimals that are provided by the Journal.
Obviously I mean that, hence them there bananas around the word.
The thing is, the way the records are listed on the site, it means that some planets that aren't anywhere rear record breakers suddenly gets top ranked, simply because more decimals gives lower numbers on other things. For instance, the least massive planet on the list is a rather large HMC planet, with six decimals listed instead of four. Making 0.000037 lighter than 0.0000. Which is why I wrote "below" :D
A 0.0000 earth mass planet listed on EGO as 0.000017 EM.
That's come from the journals rather than the system map. The journals give more significant figures for a lot of things, planetary masses going to 6 d.p. being one example of that.

The data on screen being to the accuracy of the journal would be nice but these numbers aren't being tampered with by anything, just coming from a more accurate FDev supplied source.

So anything sending the journals direct (CommsLink, EDDiscovery, the Ship Log Reader on the site being the ones that I know of) will have that accuracy.
Just discovered EGO through the EDD link.

I only have 5 Galactic Record Breakers, so far. The system is still digesting all the logs I fed it. I fear duplicate entries.

There should be a note, listing the maximum number of logs that can be uploaded, using the journal tool.

I donated my fiver from Pay Pal. :)
EGO is really a great tool and has often served me well when quickly checking sth (without having to fire up the DB and google my way through SQL-statements).

Also, I used the system builder and the orrery yesterday - that was rather impressive!

Still, I'll brainstorm some ideas/suggestions here:
  1. After 2.4 I flew around the bubble, scanning a few Nav Beacons, which now provide scan data within the Journal files. By doing this I seem to have racked up dozens of EGO-records and hundreds of thousands of EGO 'points'. This is a) not fair compared to CMDRs who've searched/found 'actual' records out in the black and b) these values are not representative records. Naturally, b) comes from hand-authored systems often having outlying values, way beyond SF's thresholds, and thus not 'beatable' by actual/honest exploration. Long story short: I'd really like to see the procedurally generated and hand-authored systems/records separated. Not sure how other CMDRs would like this and how this could be implremented, so I'll just put this out there.
  2. As the values an attribute can have aren't distributed linearly within the thresholds it's sometimes hard to assess a given value. Having a percentile presented with that value would be really helpful. This could be a value (%) or a visual indication on a scale. Also, providing this via the API (towards EDD in the case I'm thinking of) would be able to let them process/display that. Personally, I'd find that very interesting.
  3. Having a user setting for the number of elements per page would be handy, or EGO even just remembering what I set it to on the previous page.
  4. Separate column for the data's source. Currently, when a screenshot is added, the source-info disappears.
  5. It would be great to have a list of the latest records one has lost.
  6. It would be great to have a list of one's Top10 objects, i.e. a list (and count) of objects one has within the Top10 of all record-categories
  7. Having a hierarchy of record-types would be helpful, e.g. Prio1 would be Mass, Age, Temp, etc.; Prio2 would be less important stuff like semi-major axis, orbital period, etc.; Prio3 would be materials
  8. Having a ranking based on achieved/actual records (not just discovered objects like today) would probably better fit within the EGO-theme. It would probably also make sense to count records weighted by their hierarchy, i.e. having top mass should count considerable more that having top Nickel content
  9. Last one is a bit tricky: As much as I enjoy the visual fidelity of EGO, I sometimes would trade some of its shininess for improved performance. But I guess having a low-fi version is unrealistic due to the effort and maintanability involved.
Redfox, I totally agree with idea #1! An addition for #3 is that the site should remember your search results. When you searched something (i.e. oldest F-stars) and click on one of the results, the search results are lost after trying to go back to your results list. If you want to avoid this situation, you have to open a new tab for any object you want to have a closer look at. That way your search results are not lost. I agree to your other ideas. Also I would like to add idea #10: We need a better way of communication! There is no forum, only the frequently used news section. Otherwise you can write a PM here. As I like to scan complete systems, here is idea #11: Could there be some extra points for completed orreries? Though I know someone has to check those then. Btw still can't view newer orreries since Sep 20th (Firefox).
Suggestion: Would it be possible to have a closer collaboration with EDD so that when we get the 1st discovery bonus (which EDD knows about), it can update the 1st discover in EGO? so instead of being 'unknown' it is now the Cmdr. In the event that two or more commanders gets 1st discovery then it must be from wings and thus shared (I don't know how it works actually when you sell after being in a wing)
I see that adds "Added support for recording objects directly from Elite Dangerous Market Connector (EDMC)."

How do I enable this?
Not been on top of things at all lately due to real life and the v3 update to ego so didn’t notice some activity here, apologies for that.

On the topic of EDMC integration, things have been switched on at my end so elite Galaxy Online is ready to accept submissions for edmc but there is still work to do within edmc itself which I understand is being worked on.

On the topic of first discovered, that long been a bugbear of mine that I couldnt get the data from anywhere, the ocr scanner would get it when it could but it was never 100% accurate. I never even knew that this was now included in the journal when selling exploration data.

I’m knee deep in the v3 development now which is a complete rewrite of ego so gonna take a while but I definitely want to add support for this if I can.
Installing question

When installing comms link, I have everything figured out except where to tell it to store my journals.
Does it matter? Can I just create a folder or is there a specific folder I need to link it to within my Elite Dangerous local files?

Thank you guys ahead of time.
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