Elite Halloween Stream 2021 - Win Decals, Headsets, HOTAS & More! - NOW CLOSED

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
Greetings Commanders!

We're right in the middle of spooky season, so this week brings with it our Halloween stream! Join us on Thursday 28th October at 18:00PM UTC for a fun show filled with the opportunity to win prizes!

As well as discussing the latest Development Update, we'd love to share some creativity from our wonderful Elite Dangerous community, and with that in mind, we've put together two competitions for you to enter.

Stellar Screamshots

The vastness of Space houses many haunting visuals, and we want you to capture them! Send in your spookiest Elite Dangerous screenshots by posting them in the thread below, or tweeting them with the hashtag #StellarScreamshots before 15:00PM UTC on Thursday 28th October and we'll pick the top 10 entries to share on stream. Commander names must also be included so we can send you your prize!

The winning Commanders will receive:

Top 10
- Random Halloween Themed Decal & screenshots shown on stream
Best Screenshot - Razer v2 Blackshark Headset & in-game Haymaker Bobblehead

Elite Pumpkins

Want to try your hand at something a little different? We'd love to see your Elite Dangerous themed pumpkin carvings to really get in the Halloween spirit! Send us a photo of your pumpkins with your Commander name to community@frontier.co.uk by 15:00PM UTC on Thursday 28th October to enter.

The winning Commanders will receive:

All entries
- Random Halloween Themed Decal (You must at least make an effort to receive the decal! We won't be accepting images of normal pumpkins as entries, unfortunately.)
Top 3 - Pumpkin Decal, in-game Haymaker Bobblehead
Best Pumpkin - Thrustmaster HOTAS (more details on Thursday!)


We reserve the right to choose the winners of both competitions, and the right to withhold prizes from unsuitable entries.



We're looking forward to celebrating the holiday with you all on Thursday, Commanders, so make sure to join us on Twitch or YouTube!

See you then.



UPDATE 29/10/2021​

In case you missed it, the winners were revealed on last night's stream!

Elite Pumpkins

Runners Up:

  • BeepingSputnik
  • Kencyr
  • Haypoch
  • Rui Rebui
  • Senner
Third Place: Arioch

Second Place: HappyMoonMonkey

First Place: Kinshadow



  • Bloomingwind836
  • Darwin
  • Factabulous
  • GamurGurl96
  • Lyamecron
  • One Eyed J4CK
  • Orange Pheonix
  • Ozric
  • Senner
First Place: Russet Meles


Winning Commanders should now find the in-game prizes in their accounts. Any physical prizes from the stream will be followed up with next week! If you're listed above and expected an in-game prize that you haven't received, please check your messages here or on Twitter for a private message.

ooOoooO7 and thanks for taking part, Commanders.
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