Fiction Elite: Lave Revolution

I wish you good luck. Although I already know this will be a great work by the Tolkein of the Elite universe! :D

EDIT: Of course, I've already pledged.
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This is gonna be AWESOME!

Looking forward to this one. I still think you're a brave man, playing in the spiritual home of nearly 30000 people...

Very good luck.

P. S. pledged. :)
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Pledged and can't wait!

The story will be excellent of that I have no doubt.

What I want though is to push on for the film.
How fantastic would that be!
Fantastic Allen.

I was blown away when I heard what your book was about at the end of the first LAVE Radio podcast ! I've always wanted to know what happened on LAVE.

Best of luck with the KS campaign, I'll be backing this one shortly.

I've just added it to Ashley's writers list summary post for easy access.

PS: I gather the ebook is DRM free ?
Damn you, Kropotkin!

I will have your secrets! ;)

(if anyone gets the Kropotkin reference I WILL be impressed...)
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