Elite / Frontier Elite - Original - Acorn Electron

My first Elite was Electron as well.

The old Elk had quite a lot going for it which was sadly, never fully used. Seemingly, professional software developers could get better returns from the Beeb. That left us Elk users with hand me downs and whatever Roland Waddilove (remember him) could dig up.

There were a number of good routines developed and some pretty impressive hardware addons, for which the Elk was designed, of course.

I was regularly using my old elk to the mid 90s, mainly for word processing.

Ultimately, though the Elk suffered the same handicap that all 8 bit machines had, unreliable storage. Loosing some important documents, stored on 3.5" floppy forced me to buy a decent PC.

We get used to the worry of viruses and adware yet forget that these are very much PC problems. The PS's OS is writeable while the 8 bit machines had the OS burnt onto eprom.
Well like magic you can know store files of sd cards .. There is an active Electron and bbc market. With the BBC micro you can connect a rasbery pit and run the Executive Elite edition arm edition of elite
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