Elite: The Last Guardian (my late-night pitch for ED-Verse, 100 years from now)

There was no warning.

No incursions.

Just shock. Tears. And salt.

Over a century has passed since The Great Burn. The Thursday when the Thargoids launched an all out, co-ordinated attack on every inhabited star system within what was once called The Bubble.

The attacks started at 7am GMT. By 4pm, the superpowers were no more. Federation, Empire, Alliance - all gone. Worlds, stations, outposts - all consumed in corrosive fire. Along with their history, culture and art.

The Independents didn't escape the Thargoid wrath either. Nor did the Engineers and their Tech Broker friends. Their bases obliterated from orbit. Their blueprints and research destroyed.

The Thargoids had decided that Humanity had advanced too far, too fast. No further.

With humanity reeling from an near extinction level event, the unthinkable happened. Out of nowhere, a Guardian computer virus was unleashed on humanity. Transmitted via Galnet communication protocols, it spread from ship to ship throughout the galaxy.

Within seconds, FSD Boosters exploded on vessels, often taking the vessels with them.

Guardian fighters launched without warning, and then unleashed their fire-power onto their horrified mother-ships.

Guardian Shield Generators overloaded - the resulting heat cooking everything - and everyone - within the ships they were meant to protect.

Finally, the Powerplay leaders were all summoned by Thargoid agents to negotiate terms for surrender at a unknown location.

No one saw them again. Not as humans anyway.

Rumours surfaced they they were reduced to paste. Ready to be cloned and reconstituted into human form, to do the Thargoid's bidding when required.

Humanity - what was left of it - had no choice. They travelled in a fleet of battered, barely functional ships, all the way to Colnoia.

The journey was long, and difficult. Food was scarce. Patience was in short supply. Some ships stole food from each other. Many vessels didn't survive the trip.

Once there, Colonia struggled to cope with the influx of millions of humans.

Some humans wanted revenge on the Thargoids. Many people claimed to be from Buenos Aires and wanted to kill 'em all!

Some wanted to replace what was lost.

Some just wanted a warm bag of chips, a blanket and a working BGS.

And some wanted to find the one who had the answers to everything.

The one who could help restore what was lost.

The one who could end the Thargoids threat, forever. Making room for new threats to be unleashed.

The one known as.....The Last Guardian.

Don't be ridiculous. That would require some sort of storyline.
Probably. :p

Chosen One story line in a multiplayer game. Should work fine. Is it a one person exclusive? ;)
It wouldn't have to be a game. I was just curious how things would look a century from now in this Frontier sandbox. Plus I was feeling creative and when that happens, I like to write. :)

Your Starship Troopers reference made me chuckle, thank you.
You're welcome, great film. [up]
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