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About Us
We are the Powerplay Group supporting the Empire’s mining and trading power, Senator Zemina Torval. As a Powerplay Group our commanders take part in all aspects of the game that encompasses BGS and Powerplay. However, everyone is free to pick and choose what they want to do. If someone is inexperienced in an area and needs help or training we are happy to give it; a commander of any level of experience is welcome.

Being miners and traders our primary focus aside from assisting the Senator is making credits. Sharing trade wing missions and going wing mining are natural to us and although it is a dangerous galaxy we do not ourselves look for offensive PvP with most of our combat operations being against NPC opponents in conflict zones. Our members are called Imperial Torvalians and our structure is based loosely upon the Empire's and ancient Rome. A more detailed description of our group can be found on the Wiki.

Who is Senator Torval?
Senator 'Granny' Torval is a wealthy and influential member of the Imperial Senate. She has a large stake in the Imperial Slave business and is a passionate supporter of meritocratic based education through her charity work. As a group we always strive to meet her high standards. You can read more about her from a Powerplay perspective on the Wiki.

How to Join or Contact Us
If you are interested in joining Elite Torval or just to want to drop by and talk then you can visit our discord server at…
Federal United Command attacked 3 systems last week, being rebuffed at Kappa and failing at Tai-1 Hydrae. At LHS 2265 they caused significant damage to the ecosystem of the local water world when one of their ships plunged through its atmosphere and broke apart upon impacting the sea surface, wiping out a rare indigenous species of jellyfish in the process. The pilot of the craft had ejected and is currently on his way to the Social Agitator Educational Detention Facility at Lagerkvist Gateway for Imperial conditioning. The ruckus and disruption to trade there cost Senator Torval 83 CC but this hardly dented our efforts and we managed to consolidate to a defence bonus of 40% with a CC Reserve of 365.

Elsewhere the Federation supporting terrorists in Grom merit bombed a 5C Weaponised Expansion at irula to 325,220 merits. However, the combined Imperial & Torval forces were more than a match for the dishonourable rabble and crushed this threat to Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval and Princess Aisling Duval.

At home in recognition of their service to Senator Torval two citizens were elevated to Optio whilst one Centurio was promoted to Centurio Princep. Their futures will be no doubt be ones of even greater glory, wealth and prestige.
Federal United Command has deployed two Weaponised Expansions against Senator Torval at Belgitan and Taexalk. If Taexalk successfully expands it would cause significant damage to CC revenues from Kappa as the people of 9 systems currently living under the light of Torval’s economic freedom will fall under the shadow of Felicia Winters' despotic dystopia of soup kitchens and aid packages. However, Imperial forces are always ready to respond to Federal aggression with the Imperial High Council’s commanders determined to protect the dreams and prosperity of millions of people from the delusional ideology of the Federation’s Liberal Party.

During last Cycle they also hit us at CD-27 5409, HR 2883, LHS 2265, and LTT 12058 but there was only minor injuries and disruption reported so we were able to consolidate resulting in a CC Reserve of 394 and a defence bonus of 36%. This meant we could achieve more success pushing forward our supported BGS factions whilst additionally taking the opportunity to mint Gold Crosses for the Hall of Honour.

Due to the hard work of Imperial Torvalians Senator Torval was once again able to enjoy a relaxing Wednesday night without worrying about her domain.
Imperial forces achieved victory against Federal United Command’s weaponised expansion against Torval at Belgitan. However, despite the immense gallantry of the Imperial High Council pilots at Taexalk the Expansion was successful. Despite this Kappa remains profitable with many millions of civilians now appreciating even more the protection to living standards and dignity in life that is guaranteed by being part of the Torval domain.

This cycle the Federal Powers have deployed weaponised expansions against Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval, Princess Aisling Duval and ourselves. Needless to say Imperial commanders are already on route to the front lines to stop this latest attempt at galactic theft.

In our domain we continued our BGS work to achieve trigger reduction and won great victories in conflict zones with much thanks goes to all those commanders who made the glorious wins a possibility.

Our core systems remained strong and our determination never wavered. All of the Federations attacks against our Control Systems failed with no injuries reported and we consolidated to a CC reserve of 324 and a defence bonus of 39%.
Federal United Command have deployed another Weaponised Expansion against us this time at Kistha. With Senator Torval’s domain the clear target for a Federal offensive in the near future it is time to raise the drawbridge and man the defences at home.

Last cycle 10 systems suffered varying degrees of damage from the Fed’s attempts at a bombing campaign with many civilian casualties being reported by local media due to their indiscriminate use of dishonourable war tactics. Most egregious was their targeting of search and rescue vessels leaving Al-Battani Enterprise in Ross 429 which we condemn utterly. However, these said systems were largely our own Weapons against the Federation and all our core systems were again defended ably by us Torvalians who never blink an eye when facing such galactic barbicans. The cycle ended with us consolidating to a defence bonus of 32% and a CC Reserve of 56.

The attacks upon on us by the Federation are nothing new. Many times they have launched such assaults against the Empire and the ultimate result of their actions has been their own diminishment; this time will be no different.
Federal United Command began a major offensive against Senator Torval’s domain last cycle with attacks against most of our systems. Our lines however held with only Amitae, CD-27 5409, Hesa, LHS 274, and Ross 429 taking casualties. Observers on the scene reported many wounded but no fatalities due in no short measure to the expert response from Imperial emergency responders.

The fortification efforts exhibited by Torvalians last cycle were second to none with some commanders reporting the transportation of over 10,000 each! Senator Torval will indeed be proud of how her commanders performed under the torrent of Fed bombs. A massive thanks to all those we participated as we were able to avoid turmoil and consolidate to a CC Reserve of 64.

Meanwhile commanders from the Imperial High Council defeated waves of enemy forces at Kistha to successfully prevent the weaponised expansion against us going through and neither Hudson nor Winters have deployed another showing once again the Empire’s ability to scupper their diabolical plots.

This cycle we should expect FUC to continue their attack and will prepare accordingly so that it will again come to nought.

For Torval & the Empire!
Oh hey, I was actually looking for some torval players, or at least someone that might have a carrier in ZT space - are ZT control systems affected by this issue too? I've only run into it in LYR and not got around to checking elsewhere yet.
Federal United Command's attack last cycle had little impact and we managed to consolidate with a CC Reserve of 273. During it one commander received the Golden Brassard to mark their continuous contribution towards fortification and duly entered the Hall of Honour and we also received a large quantiy of Black Opals to give out to the loyal and deserving.
Elite Torval membership is open to all Player Groups, Squadrons, and individual commanders pledged to Senator Torval. Those wishing to join must complete a verification process via their discord server.

I don't have a (high tech) device capable of accessing Discord. What else can a Cmdr. do?
I'm on XboxOne and reading this forum on a tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 10) where Google Play Store states (Discord) " app not compatible with this device ".
You don't need the app. You can create an account and view discord like this forum in your tablet's browser via the discord website at: https://discord.com/new

CMDR Justinian Octavius
Thank you for your patience but the only option it gives me is " download app " which is not compatible with my device. There is an option to " view in browser " which if I'm quick enough to press before it dissappears does nothing. It's a no go.
I'll have to come up with another plan. Thank you anyway.
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