[INDEPENDENT] Elite Voyagers Intrepid League (EVIL Squadron)

The Elite Voyagers Intrepid League (EVIL Squadron) is looking for new members. We are a relaxed, friendly squadron where CMDRs are free to blaze their own trail. All pilots are welcome from fresh new rookies to old grizzled veterans. The rewards can be quite lucrative.

We are an Xbox squadron.
We have 50 members with a solid core of very active players.
We have players of many nationalities but are mostly based in the UK/US
We have our own player faction and are currently taking our fisrt steps towards expansion.
We have a good mix of experienced players and new players.
Wing missions are shared regularly and can be very lucrative.
Members are free to play their own way and squadron "orders" are optional.
Our only rules are that you must be over 18 years old to join and No griefers allowed.

Search for "EVIL" in game, apply here, on Inara or find us on twitter by searching for #EVILsqdn

We look forward to your application. O7
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