EliteMeet Nov 2nd 2013

After much consideration, the next gathering will be:

Premier Inn, Runger Lane, Manchester Airport
Saturday 2nd November 2013​

There are two to choose from, one is south, the other is north (both still at Manchester Airport)

Premier Inn Runger Lane South

Premier Inn Runger Lane North

I will suggest we all book at the south Premier Inn first, because it is cheaper, and if that fills up, book into the north Premier Inn. NOTE: Remember to book the correct dates (a mistake I made for Lavecon)
We will meet up in the South hotel (because as far as I can tell from the above links, it has more facilities)

If by some chance, people want to book at a different hotel, there are plenty to choose from at Manchester Airport.

So why that date?
The date was chosen to mark the 1st anniversary of the kickstarter, and because the next weekend Man Utd are at home to Arsenal, and I think we might want to avoid that night.

So why at the airport and not the city centre?
Because the airport is easy to get to however you are getting there, there are plenty of hotels to book at and it is actually cheaper than city centre.

But what if we want to go into the city centre?
The idea is we all gather in one place, as long as it has a bar, it doesn't matter where we are. If we do decide to go into the city, there is a wide choice of transport ... just don't get a taxi, trust me they will charge you extra because of the airport.

Well if it's okay with you Alien I've made the following registration page:


It would at least let us keep track of numbers/attendees and send reminders.

Everyone, please sign up even if you're just interested and are not sure yet. You can cancel later, but registering in advance gives a good idea for potential numbers.

Alien, you mind editing the first post to include the link? :)

As for recording/editing, I can do that perhaps, but only for a set hour with a few rules during that specific chat to make editing easier. I've done this before at conferences and whilst the quality isn't top notch it can still be worthwhile.
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A couple of questions that were prompted by the comments at the end of the "next lavecon" thread.

Are there any limitations on the number of tickets available?

If we end up with 30+ people registering, there could be space issues in a hotel bar or indeed any public location. At that stage would it be appropriate to look at booking a meeting room?
Elite meet , how come it doesn't have the word lave in it?
Is it not linked to lave radio? Is it indipendant from them.
Yeah, some of them may show up (John at least is signed up) but it's not being officially organised by them and won't be recorded as part of the Lave Radio podcast.
I designed a logo thingy at lunch - if yous guys wanna use it, feel free.

If you want anything changed let me know.
I designed a logo thingy at lunch - if yous guys wanna use it, feel free.

If you want anything changed let me know.
I like it ... just one change ... as it is a spray paint design, could you do it in white?
If it goes over pictures where white doesn't work, maybe have a red version ready?
They look great ... but I'm going to be picky ...

The red version is great, but you didn't change the lettering underneath it ... sorry ... I'm being pedantic, I know.
(P.S. look at the first post in this thread :D)

EDIT: thinking on it ... how about just the "EliteMeet" bit without a date? (keep the winged helmet though, that is cool) That way it can be used for any meet ups and a date set by whoever organises it, instead of you having to make a new one for each meet up
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I agree with Alien here - the rusty coloured text underneath doesn't work well, and moreover isn't all that needed. The main part with a red background looks amazing though!
Sorry, I won't be able to make it. Hope everyone has fun though.

Just a word about the helmet logo you have there... perhaps it needs a little redesign. :eek:
Did another version of the red one, this time with red paint as opposed to red background...

And you people calling my design a willy, take a long look at the head on the official Elite logo griffin... ;)

Incidentally, I thought that the logo used on the original post was a really bad choice, because it melts into the background and can't be seen. Then I remembered that I am probably the only one using the default skin for the whole site rather than the Elite one (because it's more work-friendly). :)
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