Parks Elmwood Park

Good evening everyone,

It looks like I've finally managed to sort out all of the issues with the game crashing so I'm now able to start my first park - Elmwood Park. Up to now I've managed to build an entrance plaza and 'central' train station. Here are a few screenshots from this WIP.

Plaza before ticket booths / park entrance gates:

A closer look at the ticket booths that contain an information kiosk on each side and park entrance gates:

A look back at the ticket booths after passing through:

And a closer look from ground level:

An overview of the main plaza in front of the train station:

A lower level screenshot:

The entrance and exit to the train station:

Train waiting at the platform:

An overview of the train station:

Passing under the station tunnel has adverts and toilet facilities:

The other side of the station includes a coffee shop and covered outdoor seating areas:

On top of the coffee shop and station is a viewing platform and character spot:

And finally a few evening screenshots:

Well I hope you've enjoyed looking through the development of this park and if its been of interest I'll continue posting updates and may do a walk through video if I can figure out how.

You must be happy you're finally able to play! I like what you've done so far, it has a very clean and tidy look about it. The third screenshot almost looks like RCT2! (and I mean that in a positive way :D )
Personally I'm not to fond of the coffee signs on the slanted roofs (bit too much), but other then that a really good start :)