ELW DISCUSSION (physics/astrophysics)

Ok I'm hoping people here can post screenshots of ONE of the ELWs they have discovered in order to have a dialogue regarding the efficacy of colonization regarding said planets.

Given that i'm starting the thread here, I'd like to establish guidelines.
1. Respond to previous ELW analysis with corrections of their analysis based upon your own SCIENTIFIC AND FACTUAL understanding of the data
2. Post a screenshot of your ELW from Gal Map with the detailed scan info regarding the AU, Axial tilt, atmospheric pressure, etc.
3. Analyze your own ELW
4. Rinse, Repeat.


Ok I'll start. Next post will be of my most promising ELW discovery to date.
Given the Atmosphere's consistency of 68.3% nitrogen, this planet would be absolutely perfect given minor greenhousing to collect/produce CO2 for flora

AMPLE amounts of oxygen to the extent that you'd probably get drunk on oxygen, so you'd probably have to breath into a bag or some sort of rebreather at least until acclimating

Also, the lower atmospheric pressure would lead to easier? breathing???? since there'd be less pressure preventing exhaling ...

well, easier exhaling, more difficult inhaling

A lot higher gravity would make labor/construction/exercise more difficult.. I mean just taking a walk would feel like carrying a 50 lbs backpack, again... until acclimation.

NOW, Regarding Surface Temp, 262 Kelvin... I'm assuming that this is an average, especially given the visible ice caps on the top and bottom of the planet, and green continents as you get closer to the equator..
Since there is very little axial tilt, and almost no eccentricity to the planets orbit, this to me seems as if the planet would actually be perfect for habitability.

These characteristics would create a perfect habitability zone that would have an almost perfectly consistent temperature YEAR ROUND.

There would be no seasons, and very little variation in temperature, so long as tectonic/geothermal stuff remains constant.

So maybe 15-20 degrees off the equator would give you perfect Like, Los Angeles weather? except it would never get to 60 deg F (when all the Californians start b****ing about it being cold), it would probably remain constantly in like the 70s 80s Fareinheit, and if the temperature was too hot/cold you could just move further north or south depending on your desires.

Increases in elevation would be more disastrous to breathability given the already low atmospheric pressure,
but, honestly... a 25% reduction in atmospheric pressure and a 10% increase in oxygen (compared to earth) might actually just balance each other out.


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I want to also expand my analysis to the proximity of a very large gas giant to the orbit of A 2 which would assist in blocking/absorbing/pulling rogue meteors, comets, asteroids, etc. away from collision with the planet... similar to how Jupiter protects earth
Nothing to directly add, am away from home and the game for a bit. Anyway check out a planet called 'The Land' in Empire Space, populated Earth like world, pretty sure it is the largest ELW and it has very high g. Always fascinated me, wondered what life would be like if that planet actually existed. I went there during gamma, hopefully it still exists.

Sorry can't remember the system name, don't have my notes
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