ELW´s and Water Worlds now and what perhaps rather should be at athmospheric landing-expansion

Seems odd that border line between breathable air for humans seems to be between Water Worlds (without terraforming ofc) and Earth-likes, would there really be no water or even icy/athmospheric (barren with water) rocky planets out there that have breathable air?

Though I have found at least one barren rocky planet with perhaps suitable air for humans, guess we will see when I can land there...

Also I have noticed (about?) all ELW´s I have discovered out there exploring have very fractured continents, unlike Earth, and very much water compared to land area.
On comparison to Earth, perhaps there is explanation for this? Are most Earth-likes without volcanism perhaps, and I have just not made that link between all those fractured worlds I have found (I remember many if almost all of them had no volcanism)?
And has not volcanism played important part for life on Earth, so wouldn´t it suggest planets with life are more likely to have volcanism than not? Or have I explored areas with just very old planets from where volcanism has died out already?

And then again, wouldn´t there be even few Water Planets out there that have mountains that form islands, even perhaps with life?
They are in description said to be "terrestial" water worlds

Cheers and keep up working on atmospheric landings hard, they will make certainly Elite #1 game for at least one demographics, (VR and) exploration minded, as there is no huge universe VR game planned even at the moment (SC will not have VR or huge area to explore compared to potential in Elite).
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