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Employes won't work anymore



Area of Game Affected
Park Management


(This content is translated with google translate, cos my english is very bad!)

I noticed that the employee (no matter what) would not work after a certain time. They just stand around without working and they do not want to work anymore.

Unfortunately I can not say exactly when this happens. It does not always happen. Therefore, I can not give any directives to reproduce this.

It happened to me now 3 times in 3 different missions (also once in sandbox game) and after an indefinite time. Sometimes after one hour playing time, sometimes after only 3 or 5 hours.
Is this so wanted because they are becoming lazy or is that really a bug?
Anyways: It is just very annoying! ^.^

Best regards, KitKat

Steps to Reproduce
See my discription please.
It's impossible cos my last savegame is always overwritten by me and of course I kicked out the foolish employee before.
I'm sorry!

Oh... and I forgot to mention: The errors occurs to the employees of technicans and janitors only!
After the Update to 1.0.4. (and since my last post here) the error never happend again. Curious....but I'm happy so far now. ^.^
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