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Empyrean Navy is recruiting
We are a friendly group of honorable players that performs every kind of activity - from piracy to mining. We serve our faction, the Empyrean Realm (home system: Segestani).
Joining our Discord server is highly recommended, even if you don't want to join the squadron and you just want to chat.

Every kind of commander is accepted, from the casual player to the devoted one, and every activity is encouraged.

We have just started but we are at a good point, so this is the best time to join us.

We follow a code of conduct, in order to have a better existence in the Galaxy. For example, we perform only honorable piracy (pirate allows his victim to surrender).

We are internally divided into three companies: the Trade Company, the Combat Company and the Exploration Company. In each company players can find commanders with same interests.
We are also divided into internal fleets, each one made by players who mainly play together.

We want you!
You should join us if one or more of the following are true:
  • You are a roleplaying commander who wants to play in a honorable squadron which performs every kind of activity.
  • You want to support a faction and conquer, through it, a lot of systems.
  • You want to play casually, but find other players to play with.
  • You want to chat and share tips with other commanders.
Whoever you are, you are well accepted in our group!

How to join us
You can join us by:
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