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This seems like the forums official Empyrion thread, so I'll put this and any other info I do about Empyrion here I guess.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdiqg-pRIu4

So I spent a few hours yesterday getting familiar with Empyrion again. Not built anything in there for over two years. I decided to get a comparison to a ship I use in Space Engineers, so I built a near, not like for like, but near same type. I altered here and there but both ships weigh more or less the same and are roughly the same length, well almost. The Empyrion ship is more of a sailaway than a fitted ship. But everything is in there to fly and so on.

Handling wise though, the two games are very different indeed. The challenge of a good game, I find, is in Space Engineers at present. Empyrion still feels wrong flying, weight, feel, build, maintaining, planning etc wise, for me, others can disagree.
However I enjoyed my time in Empyrion and hadn't really realised just how much variety there was in blocks, textures and so on. It really beats Engineers in that regard now.
Also the galaxy that is now in Empyrion does make this a game to take note of, plus its still just Alpha whereas Engineers is a released game (although updated fairly regularly).
If Eleon can get the flight model and planet gravity (or lack of it) sorted, then Empyrion could prove better in the long run than Engineers. But they also need to stop using so much magic in the game. I like to pipe oxygen and fuel to the respected items, not just have it happen because I simply place a block.
I also like the landing of a larger ship planetside to be a challenge not just sit it down the easy way as with Empyrion at present. But I have a feeling Eleon will do this over time, they have slowly crept upto Engineers, should they make the flying side feel much better, they will overtake Engineers.

I'll go with the game that feels like a challenge and has the better space travel, which at this moment in time, for me, is Space Engineers.
But Empyrion is catching up, that is for sure.

Empyrion needs more control over engines, batteries (power), oxygen, maneuvering etc. It needs gyroscopes, piping to items, the ability to walk around the ship whilst in flight for maintainence. The planets gravity and indeed travel is odd, but not to bad. Place a waypoint and travel around a planet, they are small to, you get half way and the game swings you around for some reason, just the way they have done surfaces I guess, but it is odd. But much better than the false walls we had earlier in the game.

I haven't tried a lot of the blocks in Empyrion yet, but will be doing like for like things as I go along. Mainly because I did enjoy Empyrions building process, although took me a little time to get back into.
There are some really nice features in Empyrion, like painting each side of a block a different colour or texture. The variety of block shapes is great to, much better than Engineers.

Overall I see Empyrion taking on Engineers and provided they do some changes to make the game more of a challenge. Then it could be the space block building game to go for. But that will be some way down the road.
But I have time.

Survival 'life' wise, Empyrion wins out. However space travel survival, Engineers easily wins out. There is much more to do ship wise in Engineers whilst surviving and travelling. Plus your always in the same space in Engineers, that means a lot. All planets, although a lot less activity wise than Empyrion, Engineers portray gravity much better, also atmospheric flight in Engineers is better. Topping on the cake would be space to planet transitions are seamless in engineers.

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