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a couple of night shots of the diner

Next Attraction is Drive the USA.
Here is my buddy's explanation of this ride: "Children can drive miniature cars through beautiful landscaping and famous US landmarks in reproduced in miniature, such as the Statue of Liberty, Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, New York, Chicago and even a miniature Enchanted Lake." Well, we don't have a children's car ride in game, so had to use an adult version. And we don't have scaling for props, so no miniatures either. This turned into basically a car ride through scenic area of the USA.

In this first shot you can see the main track was laid out, but will be revised later. The only real scenery is the section of the ride I copied from a workshop item. That workshop file was a self contained car track, but I manipulated it so that it could be used at the beginning and then again at the end of the ride track. Everything outside that workshop blueprint was added later.

You can also see that this was before I really started work on the fire truck ride which is on the far right of this picture.
The final queue line is also not placed yet in this shot.

This second shot is looking down on the ride area. The queue has been reconfigured to what the final placement will be, and a few more pieces of scenery have been placed.
I am honored that you are using a part of my workshop item (Route66). I'm curious what you make of it. Nice park to follow.
Keep up the good work!
Nice WS item. I loved it when I found it. Sorry I didn't call you out, but I lost track of who the builders were for all the stuff I use. This was a great ride by itself. your work of the tight turns and elevation changes is great. I ended up using a different gas station as the one you made didn't fit the look I was specifically looking for here, but other than....its a great piece of work.
Workshop-items are for sharing. You did post this is part of a workshop-item and didn’t claim it as your own work… So no worries. :) Looking forward to see what your ride will be…
Here is the completed ride from above, and again with the track highlighted so that you can see how it travels around.

here is the entrance to the queue line and looking down on the beginning of the queue (on the other side of the sign).


The queue continues on and crosses back over the track where it enters and weaves around an old gas station that also holds the load platform for the ride.


Here is more of the end of the queue showing the lines cutting through the station and also coming up to the load platform from inside the station.


Lets take a better look at the actual ride now. The cars leave the station and go around a small bean that circles the station and queue.

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