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You mean a pre-drawn map that half of it is almost unreadable and stuff is so tiny I need a microscope to see it. You're right...I'm cheating.[big grin]

Well, it's enough to already know how many of what type of thing you're going to have there :)
Been really busy and haven't worked on this park in a while. My buddy asked if I could put the ticket booths in the entrance gate towers as that was how he originally envisioned it. So here is a re-working of the front gate area. I left the original ticket booth and made it into an info building.


zoomed in a bit more
So, my buddy finally finished his full drawing of the park map. (I guess I better get working on this park more).

Something else interesting her did...he painted the map with glow in the dark paint to see what it might look like lit up at night, He said it didn't photograph well, but that it looks great in person.
The other thing I find interesting is that I almost always see park maps with the entrance at the lower part of the map. He took this from the complete opposite perspective and has the entrance at the top.
Well...I'm bumping this thread back to being active.
My buddy recently reached out to me with an update to his dream park (that he really wants to build in real life).
He has been working on a diorama of the park. He did change the layout a bit and scaled the park down, but didn't explain why. Also the layout changed a bit because of this and he added a few different rides from his original plan.

Well, seeing as I was originally inspired by his original plan...I told him that I will keep moving forward with that, but would continue to take a few creative advantages where needed...and that I would also incorporate his new rides into the map somehow.

So needless to say - I have started working on this park in the middle of all the other projects I have going on.
To start off here is a picture of his diorama.

His entrance

I will have some new photos from new work on my park a bit later
Here is the fire truck ride he envisioned. I will add this in, but it will be a faux ride in the game.

The Drive Across America ride
Here are the last of the model shots. These two rides were not in his original map, but he added them when he reworked the layout. I will incorporate these into the original park plan (somewhere) as I start building the attractions.

A rocket ride

And a Mysterious Mine...I assume is a train dark ride of sorts (I need to get these details from him)
This is so unique and interesting. Reminds me of the days of when I used to doodle parks in school, but in this case it is coming a reality through Planet Coaster. One of the more original park entrance areas I have seen. Has a good sense of "nature" with a fairytale vibe. I'm particularly interested in seeing the views from across the lake with the rich & decorative themes in the background. Should provide some stellar photos. Nice work so far, this is absolutely a park I'm keeping my eye on.
Starting work on the right side shops and eateries. First in the row is Sideshow Sal's. Here is my buddies description for this shop.

Sideshow Sal’s Oddities & Curiosities Shoppe
“A place to find the unexpected.” A large selection of 1-of-a-kind items priced high enough to seldom sell (hand-made ventriloquist’s figure, antique items, etc.) along with low-cost, unusual novelty items (rubber shrunken heads, baby alien in a jar, etc.). The shop is made with narrow aisles and packed with lots of merchandise to give it a “been-here-a-long-time” feel.

His original design had the building being almost a single structure with a totally unfinished back a huge storage barn with fake store fronts. Note the shape of the building drawn in yellow below.

But I decided to go a bit more custom and detail the shops, etc. as best I could and make them all a connected row of shops, but with real building fronts and the backs of the buildings being more of an unfinished industrial type structure.

some of the details starting to go in
Here is the interior of the shop coming together. Going to make it as filled as I can without repeating too many pieces.

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