Parks Enchanted Lake

A couple more shots from ground level of the unfinished shop

Here is this first shop (of what will be the row of shops) completed.

Here is where you can see the backside of the building is no way guest friendly.

Front of the shop
Here are some day lit inside photos with the shelves more full of items. I was struggling finding items all ready available that were more on the 'odd side', so I did what I could. I have some new ideas that I will be adding in a sharing later as well.


Here is the shop at night with more of the mood lighting on. Some of the shelves and walls still have some empty spots in these shots, but I will fill them in more next.



Started working on the buildings on the rest of the right side of the promenade. More specifically, I added a few large planting beds and bench seating for guests between the shops and the lake.

Here are some of the rest of the fronts of the buildings going up on this side of the promenade. This is the Enchanted Plushies and Puppet Palace. Each will have it own front entrance, but will share the retail space inside.
These are either workshop or in-game items that have been modified to meet my needs.
The Kringle Theater - BN Village by Chronomancer
Clown Face ride entrance from in game.

Here are the backsides that will eventually be the shop interiors
moving a bit further down the street is the Enchanted Designs shop. I still need to make a lot of revisions to this front to make it fit better.

What will be the interior of the shop
Further down the street, my buddy had this description.

The Secret Theatre
Guests enter what appears to be a dry cleaners. The employee brings guests to a sliding panel to let them enter the Secret Theatre with seating for 72. A 20-minute close-up magic show is performed every half hour, by 3 alternating performers.

I picked this building to modify and showed it to my friend...and he changed his mind and liked the more theater look. I felt the cleaners idea might not really draw in guests he wants me to leave it like this. I will still modify it to fit the scheme better.

Behind the faux front, I added a bunch of hotel modules that will be that guests would actually enter the building.
The red lines are the pathways, with the doors hidden on either side, so the secret theater idea will still hold true.
The yellow line is a direct access from the street to the restrooms, and the green lines are bathroom access from within the theater building.
I've really busy with work and personal stuff around the house, so this park is falling behind. This may be the last update for a bit on this park until I can find some time to work on it more.

Here is the street view at night

backstage behind these two stores
Managed to squeeze in some time to work on this park one day and started the details of the next shop in the row. Enchanted Fashions.
Here is my buddy's description of this shop.

Enchanted Fashions
T-shirts, sweatshirts, purses and other branded clothing, along with similarly-themed clothing and accessories. This store has its own door, storefront and signage.

Here is what it looks like from the back before I really started any work on it.

Started placing the racks and displays and also working on the interior walls.

Street side of this shop. almost has the feel of a few different buildings, but the interior is one large space.

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