Parks Enchanted Lake

more backstage

A shady picnic area for cast members to take a lunch break.


Finally working on a ride in this park.
Starting with Dino River.
Here is what my buddy said abut how he envisioned this ride to be.

Dinosaur River
Four-person peddle boats take guests on an outdoor river adventure past feeding grounds, nesting areas and through a dinosaur cave. Animatronic dinosaurs, lighting and sound effects add to the fun. The attraction que winds through an archeologist’s tent with replica dinosaur bones on display.
“Explore an ancient world aboard a boat that YOU drive down a mysterious river, through a cave and into Prehistoric times! Come face to face with dinosaurs of all kinds! Learn the fate of recent explorers to the area! See baby Raptors hatching! Avoid the angry T-Rex, if you can!”

Well, I took some liberty...and decided the park had a way bigger budget for this ride. I canned the paddles (also because there are none in the game) and switched it up to powered boats. Kind of like the Jungle Cruise, but with dinos.
I also missed the camp/tent comment until after I had the queue that will be missing as well...but replaced with some other cool designs.

So, here is the land that has been cleared for this attraction/ride. Very, very different from this will end up looking like in the end.


Reworked the queue lines and started terraforming.

More scenery and trees added to the beginning of the queue.

The queue is almost completed. I also added a few shops, etc. on the entrance/exit path.

More of the queue and starting work on the station area.
With the queue was the station and it's surrounding area.

and one last shot of the river being built. I will provide more detailed photos in the next post.
Here is the entrance to the Dino River area coming from the shopping street we had been looking at earlier. The green arrow heads towards the ride...the purple aroow heads towards the rest of the park that circles the lake.

Headed towards dino territory

Along the path to and from the ride, there is an info booth, a shop and a place to eat.

Here is the entry to the queue

The queue quickly splits. Priority Pass to the left, normal queue to the right.

The Priority Pass line heads uphill and into a cavern.
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