Parks Enchanted Lake

An off-shoot branch in the river leads to a backstage barn for the boats.


Heading down the service road that goes around the river ride and to the back of the park



Another service building/warehouse
I'm a sucker for a backstage area. I love the boat on the back of the truck. I can imagine the pileup on the highway of all the people looking at it to by rather than looking where they're diving 😁
THX - I don't usually do them, but decided I would try my best in this park.

How about a few farther away drone shots of the river area.


Here is a progress map of this park so far.
Blue is the Enchanted Forest/entryway and the shops along the Enchanted Lake Way walkway.
Yellow is the massive Dino River Adventure.
Green is the next area I'm working one called Merlin's Castle.
All the other areas around the lake will be developed later.
Moving onto the next area of the park. Merlin's Mystery Castle.

Here is my friend's description of this attraction.
"Merlin’s Mystery Castle
This 3,600 square-foot walk-through features a mirror labyrinth, typical funhouse gags, walk-thru giant kaleidoscope, as well as one-way glass effects combined with animatronics, video and audio."

This first picture is the beginning of the build for this attraction. I have a castle exterior, many scenery items placed inside that still need to be finalized, and a rough pathway. I had to figure out a way for the guests to actually enter this building, and then exit a different way. I tried a hotel and restaurant first, but that didn't work because they returned the same I used a flat ride...hidden in the back of the building. they walk the path through the attraction (pause slightly in the ride queue within the building) and the exit once they are done with the 'hidden' ride.
I also decided to add a hedge maze as they exit the building to add to the full attraction experience. This was copied from the workshop and altered to fit my needs.

I will also have a backstage area around this building

The castle entrance court before any decor is added.
So the hedge maze was copied from the workshop, but I had to move things around a bit to get pathways to fit and work through the maze. Then I had to place like hundreds of ribbon barriers to keep guests from clipping the scenery and also to create forced paths for them to take through the maze. By doing this it actually created a bit of variation. before I forced them, they always took the path of less resistance. but after giving 3 distinct ways to choose, and by placing some vista points actually gives the appearance that they are wandering around the maze randomly. Most still do take one of the three choices, but they are all used at least at lower percentages. BTW, all the ribbons were hidden once the final pathing was established.

Here is looking into the castle once most of the scenery has been placed and the rooms/walkways were enclosed. Note the 'hidden' flat ride towards the back of the building to lure guests through the walkthrough part of the attraction. I also placed a few vista points along the path in the building to lure guests in.

The yellow area is Merlin's Castle/maze.
White will be the backstage area around this section of the park.
Orange is the Mystic Carrousel.
Green will be the courtyard for Merlin's Castle.
Purple will be another walk through attraction called Magic Gardens.
The black area will be a diner and band stage.
Blue will be a faux ride called Fire Fighter Rescue Mission.
Back at ground level...this is where the Enchanted Way walkway branches to the left to continue around the lake (to Merlin's area). If you went to the right you would be heading towards Dino River.

Restroom building on the right

Headed towards the Mystic Carrousel.
Main entry to Merlin's plaza

Looking down on the whole plaza area. Shop on the far right and restaurant on the left.


A little fountain/planting area directly in front of the castle entrance.
In the plaza there is a shop called Merlin's Mementos. This was a workshop building that I modified to fit this space.


A little backstage peek. The orange arrow road serves both the store we just saw (green circle) and the back side of the shops outside the Dino river path (blue circle).
There is also access through the gates from inside the park.


More backstage roads farther behind Merlin's. These are the roads that connect to the backstage areas that went around the dino river that we viewed earlier.

There is also a boneyard back here with old ride parts and stored junk.


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