Endangered Species DLC

good idea but maybe only 2 antelope like the bongo and sable antelope
i would add the Sumatran Rhino the Borneo Pygmy elephant Barbary lions and the Rothschild giraffe
If you want a depressing read, go through the lists of endangered/critically endangered animals on Wikipedia.

Particularly the 25 most endangered primates. Apparently every species of Gorilla is critically endangered or close.

However they tie this into the game, I think it should be clear that when you purchase an endangered animal, you're doing so from a captive breeding program after some kind of certification. Instead of putting endangered status in small print that nobody reads, make it part of the game's mechanics (as unobtrusively as possible).
The Cantabrian capercaillie (Critically Endangered) is a subspecies of the western capercaillie, this subspecies is endemic of the Cantabrian mountains. Currently there are only 292 Cantabrian capercaillie, their populations are restricted to the mountainous areas of Asturias, some areas of northern Castilla y León (especially in the province of León) and mountain areas of western Cantabria.
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(Male: The chest of the males is black, with green or violet reflections) (Female)
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