Ships Engineering multi-cannons for Krait Mk II. ?


I am just sitting at Tod McQuinn, thinking what will be the best engineering for my multi-cannons.

The ship configuration is as follows:

I am not sure if I will have enough materials for all three multis, so maybe I will engineer just two of them. What is the best modification and special effect for PVE ?

I was thinking about Long Range for both of them and after that, one Incendiary and one Corrosive, but I am a bit affraid about thermal load when it comes to Incendiary.

Any ideas ?
Overcharged all three of them. Then I'd add one incendiary, which should be enough to deal with shields together with the lasers and the others I'd make corrosive because symmetry. Something like that.
I've been running a Krait with two outer class 3 slots with fixed OC MCs, if i remember correctly that's around 80 DPS the other HP have gimballed efficient thermal vent beams that along with a beam Taipan can be quite effective, as Mr Vardaugas add in some incendiary and corrosive on the MC for additional nastiness ;)
Swap one of the MCs out for a large beam, overcharge and thermal vent that. Then overcharge the remaining two multicannons, one corrosive, one autoloader. Then rip the medium beams out and replace them with sturdy feedback cascade rails/imperial hammers. Also make sure the distributor gets charge enhanced and super conduits.
You're gonna get as many suggestions as there are players... so here's mine.

That looks like a PvE build, so here's how my cargo Python (same hardpoint configuration) is setup for destroying anyone who dares interdict me.
Central large hardpoint: G5 Overcharged multicannon, corrisive
Two off-centre large hardpoints: G5 efficient beams (possibly longrange, I any have swapped those), thermal vent
Two medium hardpoints: G5 overcharged multicannons, incendiary

My Krait, however...
Three large G5 Focused APAs, TLB & dispersal
Two medium G3(?) long range Imperial Hammers, superpen and feedback cascade
I run with a very similar setup for my MkII.

2x Overcharged with Autoloader
1x Overcharged with Corrosive
2x long range beams

Love the dakka dakka of the 3 large multis!

EDIT: suggest you drop the 7A power plant to 6A. More than enough power and lighter..
2x Large overcharged incendiary multicannons
1 Large overcharged corrosive multicannon
2x Medium overcharged incendiary frag cannons
I've got my Mk II setup with the following:

2x Large Beams - Efficient G5 with Thermal Vent
1x Large Multicannon - Overcharged G5 with Corrosive
2x Pack Hounds
SLF - Beam Taipan
To your question of what to do with the multicannons, I'd overcharge all 3 and have 2 incendiary and 1 corrosive. Unless you want longevity for use in CZs or Haz Rezs, then id use high capacity.
Though tbh, I don't like L multicannons because of their spin up time (no other size has this)
In the meantime, I somehow got used to the spin up time. I am also using 2x indendiary and 1x corrosive and it works OK.
Now, I just need to wait till Saturday, my Krait sould be transferred to Colonia around 11:00 Saturday.
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