Engineers - Further Feedback

Hello Frontier

I'm looking forward to seeing the new changes introduced and from the feedback I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements. Also looking forward to seeing the engineer bases on the new planets.

I feel engineering would be a more rewarding experience with more variety. The framework is set for the engineers to branch out and add a ton of variety. I think this applies to other under performing areas of the game. I've listed a suggestions below that I think would be worthwhile development and improve the experience of visiting engineers.

New special effects. The big reward is in the variety of options that the engineer gives you - the ability to adjust and focus your ships capabilities to suit needs. New special effects could be applied to systems such as shields, thrusters or sensors. Defensive deflector shields perhaps, that reverse damage against beam lasers, or absorb energy of some kind, or a temporary cloak/shield. Thruster effects perhaps, that allow you to hold down the boost button, and use all your engine power and large amount of fuel to achieve a high speed for an extended time, or low signature thrusters. A power plant upgrade that allows you to divert extra power to your FSD when mass locked. Sensors that allow you to temporarily disguise yourself to other players and ships - you might perhaps show as an innocent trader, or a miner or system security. Sensors that hide your signature at longer distances, or make interdiction tricky from pirates/players. Also, the ability to select and upgrade fighters would be useful. You could even limit fighter upgrades to weapons, power distributor, thrusters and shields and achieve good variety. Most of these changes could also be facilitated with new modules, but it seems more appropriate to use the engineers. Two new SLF fighters would be lovely.

With all the new places to visit - new stations, megaships, ground bases, the engineers under represents most of these. I think some engineer ground bases could be improved visually (looking forward to new planets) but it would spice things up a little to see engineers in asteroid bases or moving megaships.

Revive the engineers with more special modules - we currently have corrosive resistant cargo racks and enhanced thrusters. New weapons, internals, defenses, a prototype fighter, new SRV, powerplant, new shields that can be unlocked behind special missions would make the engineers far more interesting and could be used to make the less interesting engineers more desirable.

Further to these I'd like to add that I think torpedos could do with some love to make them more effective (or rather, less unreliable) and better defensive weapons. Consider allowing synthesis for torps or go further to guarantee damage for a successful hit.

Perhaps an engineers can put materials together to create some kind of 'injector' or something that serves as synthesis for thermal weapons. I think currently things are too far balanced towards kinetic and plasma.

One personal note I'd like to make is that stealth ships in Elite have never been truly defined and I think the above engineer changes could finally change this. Finally I'd like to add that I think plasma accelerators are too overpowered, ignoring most resistance, having lately had a damage boost, and together with synthesis create a recipe exclusive for keyboard and mouse players, as in most circumstances it is not realistic to compete against these weapons when using a controller as I do. Long range rail guns with super penetrator also has this issue. PvP seems to have become a point a and click matter for the top players and I think more should be done to level the playing field. If we don't want to nerf plasma accelerators, then let's bring thermal weapons back as a worthy adversary to PAs.

I hope my feedback can be useful!


CMDR Tarka Dal (3500+hrs)

(It would not allow me to post this in the focussed engineer improvements area).
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