Enigma Expedition Explorer's Legacies

In the spirit of the Enigma Expedition, and inspired by the Explorer's Legacies of the Distant Worlds Expedition, we propose a new set of Legacies to celebrate the Enigma Expedition and the massive outpouring of support from the entire community to rescue the Dove Enigma Megaship from being UA bombed.

In the words of CMDR Dove Enigma himself, The megaship is "there to research ways to help people hurt by thargoids" and "ways to heal people and if necessary to be a beacon of safety, healing, and love if people need to escape from the bubble". In honor of this goal we've chosen four names for four alien objects - two Guardian (An Ancient Orb and Urn) and two Thargoid (Meta-alloys) - to be carried away from the Dove Enigma megaship and never return to civilization. These objects were carried to Colonia from the bubble by CMDRs Satsuma and May and given to Dove Enigma to distribute to their first carriers.

Hope (Orb) Encouragement (Urn) Unity (MA) Community (MA)
CMDR Dove Enigma (EE)CMDR Dove Enigma (EE)CMDR Dove Enigma (EE)CMDR Dove Enigma (EE))

I will update this post as new commanders take ownership of the legacies and new achievements have been made!

Fly safe, my friends o7
These new legacies came out of a late night (or early morning for those CMDRs on european schedules) conversation between CMDRs Dove, May, and myself. I had picked up a pair of Guardian relics on the way, and thought it would be a nice touch to donate them to the megaship - with a focus on Thargoid research and humanitarian aid, the Guardian connection seemed obvious. It was CMDR May who had the idea of creating a set of new Explorer's Legacies for this expedition, and the more we discussed it, the more sense it made. CMDR May was bringing a shipment of meta alloys to the megaship, but it had been stockpiled already with a surplus of the material. We decided that two tons of her meta alloys, along with the pair of Guardian relics, would symbolize the expedition well. The names were selected with a focus on the spirit of community which has surrounded this expedition and the repair of the Dove Enigma megaship.

We agreed that I would take one of the legacies on its first leg, and so I turned Encouragement over to CMDRs Dove and May, along with two of my remaining bottles of Camaraderie, the Distant Worlds Explorer's Legacy that I had carried from Beagle Point in 3302. With my ship, Strix, freshly maintained and my crew rested, we departed Colonia with Hope.
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