Enigma Expedition to Colonia for Charity and for/with CMDR DoveEnigma13

I enjoyed being a part of this expedition - this was my first time this far out from The Bubble. The Dove Enigma megaship is awesome! Best wishes to CMDR Dove Enigma. Thank you for allowing us to go with you on this journey. o7


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Just want to thank all the PS4 community, and especially allcrowsareblack for hosting this on the PS4. Was a great turn out and a lot of fun throughout and especially on the last WP at Dove Enigma, 27 PS4 players instanced, amazing.

Thanks everyone. [up]
Waypoint WP16 PS4

The last meetup of the expedition:

I changed the name of my ship from “Commodore” to:

Since I started gaming some 35 years ago I have truely never seen such a heartwarming game-related initiative and experience like this! It’s a true act of kindness like nothing else. I thank you all, and I am crossing my fingers for you, DoveEnigma13! I wish you all the best, and I am proud of being a small part of this expedition for you. May the future have more happiness in store for you and your family!

The full album with more pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/9YcEp
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This was my first expedition and I'm glad I took part. Some great comradeship and some amazing waypoints. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe!

Can only really echo what others have said. All the best DoveEnigma, and thanks!
Someone brought a gun to a charity event? Well, you know how that will turn out, don't you?

This was quite a surprise for everyone peacefully chatting on Discord.

A big congratulations and thankyou to CMDR Greytest and all those who helped organise this event and raise funding for a worthy cause.

Outstanding work Commander. o7 Sir!
Not on the expedition, but I hung around Colonia and the megaship over the weekend to welcome a bunch of people across the welcome line, and wave as people went by. Pretty cool to see large numbers of ships rolling through as the expedition wrapped up.
Beautiful expedition, I wish all the best for Cmdr Dove Enigma13!!!!
Greytest that was a very nice gesture of yours well done sir.

o7 to everybody that took part...
see you all in the black cmdrs.
Someone brought a gun to a charity event? Well, you know how that will turn out, don't you?

This was quite a surprise for everyone peacefully chatting on Discord.
Seems to me that that one Cmdr had a bounty on him and that station opened fire upon him and there was also cops shooting him.
I might be wrong but thats how it looked in the video.
Another great video by ModishNouns - thanks! Turns out mine wasn't the only Anaconda with 0% paint.

A special thank you to allcrowsareblack for organizing the Dove Enigma station event on PS4 and helping people get instanced!

And FYI, re the exploding 'Conda: He said he pushed the wrong button while trying to launch chaff and the station and local law took him out for shooting someone.

Finally, respect and well wishes for DoveEnigma13 for whom this was all done.
Hi All,

The fact that I had to trawl sections of this forum I've never been before will tell you all you need to know how much of an explorer this BGS player and Alliance diplomat is, but I wanted regardless to share the following:

I regularly watch/listen to the BroCast, so was aware of what this expedition was about, and the backstory, and followed it remotely (some diplomats were on the expedition). Yesterday, I get a YT notification while I was running missions for my faction that the BroCast was cancelled, but as I hit YT, I saw CMDR Plater was live, so hey, why not....

Little did I know I just got on the stream as CMDR Dove Enigma landed his ship...

Eh... i am a bit of a softie and I pretty much fell apart.

Later that day I ran the Alliance mining CG, then thought to watch the entire stream, so I got the whole thing... and it was so much more.

To all that were involved: I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. This was possibly the most meaningful and lasting player event ever in this game. I was still thinking about it the next day when driving to work.

Considering I myself, as someone completely watching from the sidelines, have no words to describe what I saw, I cannot even imagine what this was like for those involved.

So, so beautiful. Shine on, you wonderful CMDRs!
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Arrived in Colonia a few days before the final meetup -- couldn't make the meetup itself -- so I thought I'd summarise my reflections on what was my first long-range expedition.

Previously when I'd gone out exploring, I'd never had the pleasure of doing it with such a community as shown in this expedition and what a worthy cause it was for. I may have only been to a meetup for the expedition launch but randomly encountering pilots on the way and keeping up with the events on here was a new and wonderful experience and definitely made it worthwhile. I'm impressed with the amount of organisation that went into this and I thank everyone who made this possible.

As the trip itself, it was a great sight. I managed to discover a few Earth-likes, white dwarfs, neutron stars and much more -- with a bit of SRV rallying in between. As for what's next, I intend to return to the bubble and further upgrade the ship as I do have interest in participating in the Distant Worlds 2 expedition and I'll probably see some of you guys there.

Hope you all had a great time. Fly safe.
I wholeheartedly agree. CMDR Greytest take a bow sir. As a veteran of Distant Worlds I have to say this is up there with that. Like Distant Worlds it brought the community together and pushed the boundaries of what is possible.
Massive respect for FD for how they handled the 'issue', the community for it's reaction and Paige for asking to have the Dove Enigma put into the game (and obviously whoever gave the OK).
The welcome by the Anacondas will live long in the memory as will Doves wonderful reaction. He was obviously moved by the efforts of so many people.
You are all heroes. o7
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