Entertainer Profile - Captain Lockjaw

Tim Smith

Lead Community Manager
Hi coaster friends!

We've been hearing from our delightful PlanCo Entertainers over the last few weeks, who spend their days making sure Planconians have a wonderful time whenever they visit our parks. They work hard to ensure your guests are always smiling and laughing, day-in, day-out. However, today, we're speaking to our PlanCo Entertainer who has... a slightly different mission. We'll be speaking to the nefarious Captain Lockjaw!


Hello Captain Lockjaw, how are you today?
Ahoy, matey, what be all this then? Don't ye know I be a busy Captain! I've got a lot of no-good to be getting up to! I've got to get back out there and make sure this place be shipshape - I'd hate to think what another one of those blasted Entertainers could be doing while I'm away. Stealing me loot? Or worse, spreading joy and cheer? Avast ye! Get out of me way, or I'll have ye walking the plank!

We're sorry, Captain! We thought it might be good for the Planconians to hear from you! This goes out to all of our readers...
Shiver me timbers! A direct line to all those do-gooders out there in me parks, aye? Arrg, this be just fine indeed. Tis been a long time coming that them Planconians hear what I have to say. All day long, I try to deter them from coming here and having a good time, but they never listen! They come here, trying to get a piece of me loot, even after I tell them to heave to. What does a pirate have to do to get people to listen? Sometimes I have to give chase to those Entertainers making everyone hang around. The loot is mine for the taking, and I ain't one for sharing.

What is this loot that you are referring to?
Heave to! What is me loot? Are ye having a laugh? There's only one thing a pirate like me could be after here on land, and that's rides, savvy? And I don't just mean me beautiful Victory, the best ride going. No, matey, I mean them all. Fast, slow, thrilling, gentle - they all be mine! And every day, without fail, there's people turning up from all over to have a go. I've spent many days battening down the hatches and telling these landlubbers to get lost, but still every day they show up. It's enough to make any pirate mad!

Captain, if that's the case, why did you chose to become an Entertainer?
A WHAT?! Ye scourge of the seven seas, what did ye say to me? An Entertainer? Blow me down! I am not here to entertain, I'm here to take what's mine. Who is out there calling me an Entertainer? I'll have a bounty put on their heads and marooned in no time. Show me their faces, or you'll be the first to see the kraken.

...oh, haha! We were just- we were just joking! No one thinks you're an Entertainer! Haha! We should let you get back out there, but one last thing: what are you most looking forward to about Planet Coaster: Console Edition?
More loot, of course! The more, the happier I am, savvy? I expect to be riding thousands of more rides in no time. Me crew will soon be lifting the anchor, so we can set sail to all the new parks. Not long to go now!
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