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Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hayo coaster friends!

Throughout the next few months, as we get closer and closer to the release of Planet Coaster: Console Edition, we'd like to take the opportunity to (re)introduce you to some of the Planet Coaster Entertainers who will be making their return on our console debut. After chasing him around the park, we managed to get Chief Beef to sit down for an interview with us and learn more about him.


Hey Chief Beef! How long have you been working in our Planet Coaster parks?
Hello hello hello! I've had a rib-tickling time working in our PlanCo parks, steaking out my place in the crowd and bringing some meaty one liners to our guests! I've been letting my career simmer for about four years now, gives me a hot take on how the average PlanCo guest feels on the rides! I spent years learning how to get up close to the guests until they tell me to burger off. I relish the experience!

What is your favourite ride?
I find the Gears of Fear have a tasty appeal to them. I like the experience of being flipped over and over without the need for a grill! It's exhilarating! Alternatively, I love the relaxing feeling of taking a ride on the Sky Watcher. It's a great opportunity to look over the park, take in the views and make a face at my dear friend Gulpee Rex, without them being able to see what I’m doing.

How do you keep your mustache so trim?
Beef stock, frying oil, and a hefty scooping of sheer determination! I like to look as tasty as possible!

Exactly how do you stop your hat falling off?
I made a deal with Princess Amelie’s Fairy Godmother.
I'm joking, ha ha ha ha! It's glue.

Would you describe your temperament as rare, medium or well done?
After a long day I'd describe my temperament as "lightly fried, with a pinch of salt".

What's your worst nightmare?
A giant sausage, oozing with oil, spreading its sickly stickiness near all the other food and tainting it with...Oh I'm sorry I thought you said "Wurst" nightmare. My bad!

What happens if you drop your spatula?
It gets dirty, I spend the next 20 minutes trying to pick it up again, and then I go have a little cry. It's not a dignified experience. I was entrusted with this spatula by the Superintendent of Beef and destiny bound to its legacy. It is my duty to wield it and flip delicious burgers that bring tears to the eyes of all the guests in our parks.

What are you looking forward to most about Planet Coaster: Console Edition?
I can't wait to sit down on my nice comfy sofa, boot up my console and let the good times roll! I've played on PC of course but when you're big, round and made of solid beef, sitting at a desk isn't always easy!
What baloney! This side dish is neither fish nor fowl. It's about time for the main meat of the console edition, we haven't even flavored the tiniest bite yet. How "well done" are the controls and how minced-meat will the graphics end up on the current gen consoles? :)
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