Entertainer Profile - Gulpee Rex

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hayo coaster friends!

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from our fantastic Entertainers who tour our PlanCo parks; as we get closer to the launch of Planet Coaster: Console Edition, we’ll be speaking to various park Entertainers about their experiences. We’re excited to hear from Gulpee Rex today, who was super easy to find on account of them being the only dinosaur in the park.


Gulpee! We’ve been looking forward to chatting with you! What is it like working as a PlanCo entertainer?
It's a little strange when everyone else is a Planconian human, and you’re a six foot tall lizard from the late Cretaceous period. Also, the language barrier can be tough, I’m fluent in multiple languages, including Raptor, and Stegoceras, but to people it sounds like I only ever say “roar”, so it can be difficult for the Planconians to understand me. But, it’s been a fun challenge to overcome, especially when I see all the wonder in the eyes of the guests as they walk around the park. I’m living my dinosaur dream!

Where did you learn to dance?
All of my relatives know how to dance, it’s more of an innate talent. However, I’ve spent a long time refining my skills, especially after watching how my Planconian counterparts dance. Of course, dinosaurs don’t dance like Planconians! I have spent many an evening after a great day at the parks attending breakdancing lessons. I had to learn how to control my tail, as I accidentally kept sweeping the Planconians around me off their feet with it.

Speaking of your tail, how do you manage to sit on the rides?
I wrap my tail underneath me, and hold it to my chest tightly. It can look a little weird, but it keeps it out of the way and gives me something to cling to when the ride gets too scary! I absolutely love riding rides with a fire theme, such as around an explosion! Reminds me of one of my favourite dinosaur stories my ancestors shared.

Gulpee, are you alright? It looks like you’ve got some sort of rash or something on the front of your neck!
Roar! Ahem. Roar.
Oh, this? Hahahahaaa, it’s not a rash! It’s a birthmark! I know it looks a bit like a mesh panel with a Planconian human face behind it, isn’t that so crazy? Of course, there’s no human here! I am 100 per cent dinosaur! Hahahaaa. Hahaaa. It’s almost like a sign that I would eventually work with humans. Haha. Ahem. Sorry, I had a bit of a throat tickle. Probably best I go drink some Gulpee Soda, and head back to greeting the park guests!

Gulpee, before you go: what are you most looking forward to about Planet Coaster: Console Edition?
I simply cannot wait to meet all the new park guests! It’s going to be so roarsome! I’m thrilled I’ll get to attend the grand opening of all the dino-mite new parks that’ll soon be in development too. The more PlanCo parks around, the better!
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