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Hello! I work for Disney Parks Live Entertainment in Orlando, so most of what I like to do in Planet Coaster is Entertainment based. I have a few suggestions for a couple of improvements of preexisting features in the game:
All show lighting currently comes on at 100% when triggered. Can you make it so that there's a controlled fade feature? Sure, it could come on full right away, but also, maybe you could give a fade up of 5, 10 seconds, or even 2 minutes if you really wanted to.
In regards to the existing fountains, I have noticed that none of the existing water special effects respond to light from lighting installed in the park, and they're only really visible in the day time. Can you make it so that they respond to lights? Maybe, if people don't want them to respond to lights, you could create a "Light Responsive Display Fountain" set, in addition to a non responsive set. In addition to the creation of a Light Responsive Display fountain, maybe you could also make this same fountain have a fully articulating arm, so that they can move, just like the fountains at the Bellagio, seen here:
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_hFvlO1bsk
. It would also be cool if you could control the heights of the fountains, and change the height of the fountain while the fountain is running during a display event.
One last suggestion for the entertainment systems: It would be fantastic if you could sync multiple display sequencers to go a the same time: for example, if I had a display sequencer for the fountains, one for lights, and one for fireworks, and I wanted them all to start at the same time and run together, apart from just selecting all the same time for them to run, you could create a "master sequence control" and select multiple, and have them run together, or one after the other, or one on a time delay, or whatever floats your boat really.
Thanks for sending me the thread to be able to post this! I love your game and how you keep improving it over time! It has really kept the game state of the art and at the forefront of theme park simulators. Good work!!

Thank you!

PS - can you put lasers back in the game like the ones in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Laser Programmer (or whatever it was called; those were really cool)
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