EPIC FREE LIVESTREAM - Elite Dangerous (NittanyLionRoar Gaming)

Hey everyone! Epic Games is giving Elite Dangerous away for FREE this week, so I downloaded it and put a couple of hours into it. I have a livestreaming series on my YouTube channel where I test out the free game and give it a rating. This game seems very technical and complex, so I invite anyone here who wants to come help a noob get started to join me and show the game off to my audience :)

Here's the link to the livestream. Please join me on YouTube if you want to take part in chat to give me some pointers. Thanks so much!

If you would like to check out my channel, you can view my other videos and subscribe with this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4uy-r-rDbit8mhqgZPDRXw
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Gahhh what terrible luck! How often does the server go down and how long does it usually take to come back up? If I set the stream for a few hours from now, what's the likelihood it will be up by then?
Might be a while, depends on how fast devs can react. Its Amazon servers, which should scale somewhat, but there will be caps that FD will have to authorize to go over.
It's usually back up pretty fast - now I can log in ... looks like it's back :)
While you're here, my laptop died and I've lost all my bookmarks and I cant remember the name of that science initiative I think you're involved in. Care to remind me so I can bookmark it on the new laptop?
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