EPIC FREE LIVESTREAM - Elite Dangerous (NittanyLionRoar Gaming)

I think he did a stellar job considering he is a new player.

Some recommendations: Keep your speed in the blue for turns, it really is the best way. Blue is on the speed meter to the right of the map.

Keep your speed in the centre of the blue for approach to ANYTHING (except white dwarfs and all the nutty stars like that, be careful e.g. slow down with them), that means planets, Rez zones, stations etc.

Take note of the position of the stations as you are getting close on the icon on the left, they show the entrance.
Enjoyed your stream, missed it live but if I had seen it I would have tried to help a bit.
How often does the server go down
Not often at all actually.

Mostly just after big updates (lots of players pile in) or... well, free givaways! (lots of players pile in)

Normally comes up fairly quickly again, and levels of out to normal after a few days of the "big thing"
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