Game Discussions Epic Xmas sale is epic.

So heads up. Free game every 24 hrs from now till new years Day.
On top of that for each game over £14 (I think it is) you get £10 off. (Excluding preorders)

So I just got the division 2 gold edition for £6.50 and probably of interest to the folk here rebel galaxy outlaw for £7.99.

But basically everything is proper cheap. Sale discounts AND £10 off the top
I put 45 mins in before bed on RGO

It is exactly what I hoped for. It's limited, will likely get dull after a while with nothing like the depth of elite but forn8 quid it is a really good looking modern recreation of privateer.

Today I also added heavy rain and beyond 2 souls to my.stash (£4.39 each) and sold my unplayed PS4 copy for £9.

PS don't forget free game changes at 4pm GMT
I am a good 6 hrs into outlaw now. Funnily enough I was showing a mate how many free games I had gotten off epic over the last year and I noticed rebel galaxy in my account already. Must have been a freebie. I only installed the front end less than a week ago , before then I was just adding games to my account.
RGO is definitely a bit samey buy for under £8 I am glad I got it. My ship is tooled up somewhat now and I made my 1st jump to another star system.
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