Newcomer / Intro Equipped cargo rack in use

There is a cargo rack that I cannot get rid off. It seems to be stuffed with cargo (so the inventory tells me: 32/32), yet I cannot find out what type. The commodity market tells me I have nothing in any cargo at all. I tried to jettison whatever I had in cargo but there seems to be nothing to throw out.
If I try to store it, it will not allow me to do so.
If I try to exchange it for something else, I get the message "Equipped cargo rack in use"
It may have to do with some mining and refinery I did lately, but what and how I do not know.
Double check to ensure your cargo is not full of limpets, they can be sold under advanced maintenance from the main station menu. (bottom right)
Also could be a mission item that you can not sell but must be delivered.
The inventory screen tab selecting the top icon on the left side should report what is currently in your cargo.

The icons on the inventory screen im trying to explain are best shown in this image. The canister icon is what im trying to describe.
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When you're checking the commodity market are you on the 'sell' screen?
The buy and sell lists are different.
Limpets. They don't appear on the buy/sell pages, but will appear on the inventry page. Or you're being naughty and full of stolen stuff - bit it is limpets since you were mining.
They turned out to be limpets. I discovered it when I changed from one linux distribution to another (I play ED on linux using the wine emulator) and there I coud get rid of them.
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