ERR is an anti-Aegis player faction, whose goal is to expose the corruption behind Aegis, and in the long term, dwindle their numbers, and possibly eradicate them as a whole. We intend to do this through relatively, and hopefully, peaceful means. But in the situation that aggression is warranted, we will take action.

We are NOT Thargoid sympathizers. We've seen enough proof to know that something suspicious, and possibly dark, is going on behind Aegis' facade ( We are looking for like-minded individuals to join our cause, and help us to increase our exposure and influence throughout the galaxy. Join us at our INARA page, where you can find information on how to get in touch with us and communicate with our members:

We seek to secure a better, safer future for humanity.


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Great, another one, Watched your 50 minute video. The large collection of audio recordings is great and the video quality is commendable, truly, but every time you go to summarize what was presented its full with the typical leaps of logic and wrong assumptions that lead us here. I would have to create a 50 minute video myself to correct them all. The next guy will watch this video an might think hes getting a real education but instead becomes another brain dead terrorist pawn in a shadow war that exists only in your heads.

When we are done defeating the Thargoids once again, we will cut out these types of cancerous elements from our midst and return to a peaceful existence.

Rise up now
Never Surrender
Of course you don't see what's going on. Though we all have our opinions and biases, and we choose to lean toward them. I won't argue against that.

You support Aegis, so of course you don't see our movement fit. But we're not the only ones moving against Aegis, which means other groups are seeing the truth as well.

Lastly; we aren't a terrorist group. We fully intend to accomplish our goals through peaceful or reasonable means. We don't support the murder of independent pilots, and we surely do not support the act of UA bombing starports. In fact, it's in our faction rules:
Rule #13: "Ganking, Combat Logging, and UA Bombing are considered a high offense. If you are reported partaking in any of these offenses you will be punished accordingly."

We know other anti-Aegis terrorist groups methods, and we frown upon what they do. We strive to be different, unlike those groups, and in fact, if we need to, we'll work AGAINST those groups. We recently helped fix the lockdowns in AEGIS starports via our HARP joint faction operation:

Have fun, and stay safe out there in the black, commander. o7
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