Escape Pods for AI Pilots

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Suggestion. My AI fighter pilot has saved my butt more times than I can count. Yet, there might be a situation even she can't handle. So, it doesn't seem fair that I should have an escape pod while she suffers an ignominious death at the hands of some greedy group of pirates. Why can't I use a slot (maybe even a military compartment or, better yet, an extension to the fighter hangar, same as the fighter bay we have for drones) for an AI pilot escape pod?
The probably do have and use escape pods.

Its just that their contract with you ends if the ship they are serving on goes kaboom. After than they are free to seek new employment with their potentially increased skills.

Perhaps when we have persistent NPCs you'll bump into them in the lounge of a spaceport someday. If they've made enough money from you they may have their own ship...
A wingmate of mine suggested the same possibility. But I was hoping my pilot would choose to stick with me. After all, the food is good, the hours short, and she gets a fairly big cut ... with free room and board. Granted, she's already managed to save quite a bundle and, consequently, might buy her own ship and go into business for herself. Again. Because she had been doing just that before I hired her.
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