Ethics in a Literal Video Game

My daughter occasionally plays some literal video games through the PBS Kids games app.

The ethics of tricking kids into learning something? Hmm, well, I guess so long as it's enjoyable to them too.
What rules do you hold yourself to in Elite Dangerous?

I'll start:
  • No trade in majority-illegal commodities like narcotics, slaves, etc. (stuff like animal meat or liquor is fair game)
  • No assault on Clean ships
  • Answer all detected distress calls to the best of your ability
  • Always donate to factions in Outbreak or Famine, regardless of their own ethical status
  • Don't be a jerk
'None' isn't an acceptable answer, because the Universal Rule is 'do what I find fun'.
I won't attack a player unless attacked first.
Other than that im a complete grey hat.
I don't think it matters if you have no allegiances.If you seduce and then betray an attractive
Thargoid, for instance, your situation is no worse than if you ran away to seek a new life together far from the viscisitudes of the bubble. Enjoy your time together,however fleeting it may seem.You'll always have EOL PROU IW-W E1-939.
It's a video game.
I do what I like, and however I feel necessary to advance my objectives ingame.
Things I do don't have to make sense, just because. Full stop. 👹

I would ally myself with any faction just to gain Rep+++, then work against them at the next minute for Credits, then work with them again.
I kill NPCs for profit and fun when I see fit, then run to Insterstellar Factors to clear my name, or just leave it if I know I'm not going back there again.
I meta and use game exploits wherever I can and see fit to get a shortcut ahead.

I am amoral in this simulated galaxy because I recognize it as a game.
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