Ethics in a Literal Video Game

Well, at first I thought you were serious and I wrote something far different, then realized you were joking and modified my thoughts (considerably).
If I was being serious, I think I'd need to take a cold shower and reflect long and hard on my life to be honest.

Although I do think there's a correlation between how people act in video games and how people act in real life, it's definitely not 'bad in game = bad IRL'.
Rather, I think the way someone plays a game reflects on what they're like as a person, obvious as it may be. I'm a fairly lazy person, so I play games in a lazy way. Likewise, my big brother is really, really competitive, and he obsessively chases achievements. For some reason all the boys in class (with about two exceptions) like playing League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege, and they act like braindead idiots, so I imagine there's a correlation there too.
Basically, there probably IS also a correlation between how you feel about things IRL and how you instinctively act in a video game, but it's definitely not an indicator of who you are as a person.
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