I think that if they're going to release a Euplocephalus it will probably be released for easter or around there.
I've kind of wondered if it's more of an anniversary dinosaur, they're getting it finished early due to the entire thing of an update to add the stego skin after the challenge. If they got it done early, having it ready to go might be a better option for it.
It would be nice if it was free, since we haven't had a free dinosaur since the release of the Fallen Kingdom update last year.
Well today just passed by too, honestly I don't recall how easter is when we get the euoplocephalus for free. I am just happy we may eventually get another large ankylosaur with a club tail.
My guess is it won't be soon (by the nearly immediate definition). I suspect they (Frontier) are holding it hostage for a significant mile marker. It may be the Jurassic Park anniversary or something along those lines. So I'd expect it around June... if not later... Worst case, it could be an accidental code check-in for a future DLC.
I'm thinking we have about 2 months before we get it, possibly less depending upon how things go.

I was kind of thinking that it could be something intended for an anniversary of the games release or something for the lead up to it with some kind of challenge popping up similar to the stegosaurus one (I was hoping that more of them would have been popping up, that would have boosted player counts if nothing else as having new goals every few weeks would have been great there).
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