EVENT | BE EVASIVE | learn to stand heavy fire in fleet pvp | prizes for the 3 best pilots.




Sign Up -> https://discord.gg/hSRePhq
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If anyone is looking to ACTUALY learn how to survive PvP, join my discord instead. We teach players everything from how to survive a gank to how to build and engineer your ship for open and I will personally give PvP lessons to anyone who's interested.
I've never attacked one of your events but chances are I'll still be banned. Haha petty in-game grudges go brrrrrr

This is cool and all, but it is much more valuable to learn how to do damage in a fight instead of evading. Experienced pilots can just sync your boost timing, and hitscan pilots will just laugh as you squirm around to avoid something that can't be avoided. The only thing you'll learn from this is how to survive long enough to high wake from a fight... Stop by PvP hub or the Galactic Combat Initiative instead if you want real advice or training.

PvP Hub https://discord.gg/MYZyqqe
GCI https://discord.gg/2khfM24

Update, as predicted I was banned. I was given no warning and no reason.
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Would it kill akuma to, for once, write something comprehensive and not vomit it on a screenshot that literally makes everyones eyes bleed?
I would argue everyone knows who spear are, YOU guys need lessons, you shouldnt be giving these "lessons" OUT to anyone.

Far better avenues, and groups that dont call everyone they dont like "toxic" and brand them as cheaters, because their egos are so inflated they just cant accept the fact they're bad at a video game and need help in getting better.

Anyone new reading this, avoid this like the plague, look in joining groups like:
Galactic combat initiative
Galactic evasion academy
New pilots initiative

even If you arent into pvp, these groups are far more insightful than spear or its leadership would ever hope to be, and would be happy to help you get better in escaping ganks , or even getting into pvp, all that without shoving an agenda into your mind.

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the audience here should assess theirself if we are competent enough to teach evasion. we are looking forward for any participant and expect a enjoyable event.
Source: https://youtu.be/79hCW1kY2I8

Me and the audience have indeed made the assessment and have deemed you incompetent to teach evasion.
I sincerely hope people find actual teachers if they seek such an avenue as opposed to getting lessons from the homeopaths of elite pvp.
Hey man check it out, the General is at it again.

I think I'd rather learn from Lego. He lasts 5 minutes against 9 of you guys in his video, in your video you last a minute and a half against 4 guys. Seems like better odds.
I think Barnard has pointed something quite interesting out here, either spear goons aren't nearly as good as they claim to be, hence Legos 5 minute endurance run against them, or Tebori has a subpar build and/or skills compared to Lego.
Neither of which paints a flattering light on Spear.
Side bar, what was that music choice? Ugh.
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