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I am looking for someone who can help me to program an Excel function or someone who has done exactly that before.

I would like to add the Starmap coordinates to a list of targets in Excel. This is probably best done via EDSM, but I don't know anything about it.

Has anyone ever done this before, or can I help to realize it? Alternatively, GoogleSheets would also be possible.

Thank you and greetings
If you visit a system the coordinates will be in your journal files. Trying to load edsm data wholesale into excel will not end well. Excel can not cope with the number of entries. I have downloaded the edsm data, and imported it into MatLab. (you will need a ton of ram.)

It is posible to use an api to query edsm. (there are a few 'down to earth astronomy' (or at least one) video on youtube about building the sort of script you would need.

What coordinates are you looking for? if it is a small enough subset (~100 or fewer system) i might be able to compute it and post it here.
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