Exclusion Zone not showing for White Dwarves & Neutron Stars

I tried this in both Horizons and Odyssey with both Neutron Stars and White Dwarfs, and couldn't get the EZ to appear for any of them. I tried toggling orbit lines on and off - no difference. I tried various SuperCruise speeds - no difference.

I don't mean to doubt you @Sentenza but was that screenshot definitely taken today? If so, what setup are you using? Console or PC?

If it's PC, can you share your graphics settings so I can try and recreate the setup here?

As an aside, FDev have confirmed the issue, so they do acknowledge there is a bug here. Personally I'm just keen to see what conditions are required to make it work at all.

Yes it was taken right before posting, in fact it is part of a recording. I'm on PC on an old rig, setup at 1980x1020 borderless window on high.

The weird part is saturday and sunday the zone was always visible, I know because I was carrying around long range vip passengers and I was cone boosting all the time. Maybe it can be dependent on the stars?
Lol I cone boosted all the weekend and the zone was always there, and now that I look for it of course it isn't there anymore :)

Well not quite. I jumped around a few white dwarfs, and I noticed that the zone appears and disappears when you jump in, and then appears again at a very specific distance from the star (and then disappears again, because you crossed that distance). Here it is, caught while it is still there

View attachment 262364
That's Horizons right? WD circle was iffy in Horizons but did usually appear after a while. I still maintain it's never appeared, ever, in Odyssey.
Ok I switched to Odyssey (I normallly don't use it until I can get a new pc) and I confirm I can't see any zone there.
Sorry, are you saying that EZ’s do appear around WD’s and Neutron Stars above certain speeds?

If so, please can you provide video evidence of this claim?
Not above, below. That is my experience, the real reason could be something else. Definitely do not intend to go for video capture, just don't care.
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